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im scaredd....

Posted by bobbyy at January 7, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Juvenile problems  School  Sexuality

i have quite alot of friends, all girls that is. no guys want to be my friend because they think im gay (witch im not.) im just starting high school and its hard and stressfull. i get called gay, faggot, queer, and alot of things. ive thought of suecide. if i owned a gun i sure as hell would have already killed myself... so i cut myself. and everyday i go to school with a smile on my face and act like im fine, but im not. ive tried talking to close friends about this && they dont really care, or they think im being stupid and overreacting. idk what to do... my life sucks. :/


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By anonymous at 27,Jan,11 00:58

Sometimes there's just no good words to help someone through a tough time other than standing tall along side them. All I can say is please understand it WILL get better. Sometimes seeing that is very, very difficult. Understand that this is just one chapter in your life. It'll eventually get read, so to speak, and another chapter will start. I strongly encourage you to talk to someone. If your friends don't understand or care to listen, speak with a counselor, a trusted teacher, anyone. Hurting yourself isn't the answer either. There's people out there that want to help but you have to reach out to them sometimes. Good luck and please take care of yourself!

By anonymous at 27,Jan,11 14:10

Hey, what's wrong with gay anyway? I'm not and I don't decline persons who are. You are you. People say bad things because they are scared. Laugh at them, stand up to them! Life is hard enough without being 'classified' as 'different'. xxx
By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 16:13

If nothing is wrong with gays, why are they called Butt Pirates, Turd Burglars and Fudge Packers?
That is because gays are annoying freaks.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 16:16

Join a club, where you can make friends outside of your school environment. You must have some special interests similar to others. I joined a reptile club and became committee chairman of the advertising committee for our annual shows.

(With your atrocious grammar and spelling, you obviously will never succeed in any school subject anyway. Even mathematicians need to know how to spell. Just saying.)

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 16:58

piss them off with having all these girls around u they are jealous i know so many men who pretend to be gay so they can pull girls! I too mainly have male friends and im a woman so i get alot of shit too but u need to rise above it and enjoy your girls mates!

By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 08:06

I got called gay and faggot in school too. But school is one phase of your life. As soon as you leave it just seems like kids are so stupid.

Dont bother standing up to them. Just dont give a crap, seriously! They just say is to put you down so they seem better.

One guy who used to call me gay at school saw me on the street and tried to talk to me about school and how uni was going like we were friends?
By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 10:54

So true.

Many people who accuse others of being gay are latent homosexuals themselves, but are in denial. (the same for other types of insults, those who call others "retard", are usually intellectually challenged themselves)

By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 03:51

hey honestly i know EXACTLY what you are talking about, threw my entire high school and some of middle school i have been "gay" in middle school i was the guy everyone wanted to date, i had girls left and right then in high school because my voice didnt drop and still liked to dress preppy i was "gay" i basically only have girl friends anymore, every time i get close to guys there other guy friends tell them im gay and not to talk to me so that gets ruined. Trust me I AM NOT GAY! i did try the whole gay thing once with this one kid because everyone was calling me that maybe i just should be but i REALLY didnt like it. and now i have this thing that if any guys are friends with me im going to be beggin for there dicks. you know what i do? i when im around guys that think im gay ill tell my girl friends about what i did with this girl over the weekend and shit like that, after a while it starts to sink in, and now i have more guys talking to me than ever. try it.

By anonymous at 10,Mar,11 14:06

damn i wouldve kicked all der fuckin ass :)

By at 21,Mar,11 22:28

First things first: those "close" friends of yours are assholes. Real friends listen.
Cutting yourself isn't extraordinary anymore.'s just emo.

Putting up a front like smiling when you're not happy is worse than death.
It's called faking it. It's called not being true to yourself.
That's worse than the cutting. That's worse than a hole in your head.

Stand the fuck up.

By at 16,Apr,11 01:23

Walking in the presence of ganits here. Cool thinking all around!

By Kmolros at 13,Sep,12 20:59

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