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Don't read.

Posted by anonymous at December 3, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Poverty

First of all: I'm sorry, if I make grammar mistakes (my native language isn't English) and I'm sorry, that you have to read my complainings.

I know that lots of people have more horrible life than I do, but not everybody's life is that bad.

I'll start from the beginning. When I was 3 years old, I got beated up by my mom for every thing I made. It is like that even now. She has strangled me for several times and every day she says how she hates me and it would be better for everyone, if I would just die. I totally agree with her.
I don't have any friends. Wherever I'm going somewhere, nobody doesn't like me. Well, I'm from a poor family, maybe thats why.
My mom has been unemployed almost all my life. This summer our (mine and my sister's) dad left us, because he sayd that he loves other woman. Of course my mom beated me up even more after that. Our dad didn't give us any money, so we were almost on the streets. Then my mom got a job. Her net wages per month were only 500 dollars. My mom didn't eat almost anything, so she was like starting to "die". It really doesn't feel good, if you have to see, that someone dear to you is dying.
Just a week ago my mom was fired. I don't know, how are we going to survive.
I don't drink alcohol, smoke or do something like that. I know, that it wouldn't help.

Write comments about how I made this all up, and I have one more reason to wish to not live.


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By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 13:22

I think the next time your mom lays a hand on you, you should CALL the social services or child protective services to come pick you up. Don't let anybody, not even your mother to treat you like this. You are a human being that deserves respect and love.

If youre still in school, talk to the principle or councilor about your problems at home. they WILL get invovled

I think your mother is very horrible for wishing you dead and telling you that you are hated. If thats the case she should have never spread her legs if she never wanted children. and the worst thing is that you believe her. why would you believe ANYTHING from a hateful and ungrateful person, who's mad all the time and can't even hold a job? Don't listen to people like who ONLY can say mean thngs. Start loving yourself.

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 17:22

Man shit sucks i hope there is some higher power looking out for you.

My life sucks but not as bad as yours right now. God help you.

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 18:46

dont give up no matter what...
keep your head up
and listen to what the person in first comment told u....

By at 04,Dec,09 02:39

-----my native language isn't English either .---
i agree 50% with first one.
but you r not in the same situation man .
you dont even know whats the meaning of that ,
im sure she wanted to protect her family
im sure she wanted to stay in her job
but that hard pretty hard for a woman who lives wrong .
you have to make up ur self with your powers .
im sure the first comment are from western born person.
:) and im Mideastern .
there is lot of different between us ,our families and sometimes meaning of life too .
if you like write me at
i wish i could help every body ...

By anonymous at 05,Dec,09 19:44

ya man never give up

By anonymous at 07,Dec,09 18:30

ummm i would say the same thing as the first but i went thru that part nd im now back home with ma mum, ma mum did ocasionally get the belt out on me but truly and honestly, its acceptable in ma culture and i dont think it's unreasonable either.

secondly, ur mum probably doesnt hate u, she just probaly ates herself for not being able to give u everything she always wanted to, i tink u shud ask for some help if ur strugglin for money and u see even if ur dad has left ur mother, he still has to pay for u and ur sister, so u shud contact someone in order to make sure he does this

i hope erthing gets better for u x

By anonymous at 28,Dec,09 21:16

May god never let a single one of his children be in need, and keep them safe from harm.

By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 17:13

You need Jesus!!
He'll make everything dont see that right now..But trust me...One day this world will end..Well your world will end..Where are you going when you die??..just think about that for a second...and then tell me the reason why your going to that place when you CAN go to heaven...all you have to do is exept that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the worlds sins...including you and all you have to do is exept that He died for you..and believe that you ARE a sinner..And your saved...Is as easy as that...I hope you dont kill yourself God has a specific plan for your life He loves you...And just ending your life is not a good maby as you think but its not..just wait on God...And if you do get saved..Trust that God knows what Hes doing in your life..It may not make since to you right now..But trust me..IT WILL in the long run..Ive had many friends that have wanted to kill themselves but didnt...And got SAVED!!
It can happen just have a little faith...The bible says...John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His ONLY begotton son that whosoever believes on Him should NOT parish but have EVERLASTING life...I THINK THAT PREETY EXPLANITORY...PLEASE..Dont miss out...Because God will come one day...Will you be Ready?? Thanks! And I hope everything works out for you!! :)

By mISSY! at 24,May,11 00:14

I hope that your life will get better.May God bless and take care of u.

By Tessica at 24,May,16 19:58

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