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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 9, 2011
Tags: 2011 February  Juvenile problems

My 2 closest freinds have just abandoned me the love of my life has left

me, My famiy is being ripped apart, and I havent seen my dad in 3 years. My

mom and her boyfreind are always fighting, I have a 1/10 chance in getting

skitsifrinia, my family is on welfare, im 14 and ive all ready lost everything.


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By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 13:28

dude go to your dads place and meet him once. mail me if you want to tall to someone.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 20:46

OK first of all the "love of your life" has not left you because you are only 14! Seriouly, I know it feels like they are the love of your life, but you will be amazed at how much your personality will change by the time you are 20 and that person will seem very insignificant. Next, they were not real friends if they abandoned you. Find someone who needs a friend and be their friend, they will be eternally grateful. Stop worrying about medical things that have not happened yet. Statistics do not define you. Welfare sucks, I have been in hard times in the past, even to the point where I had nothing to eat on a typical day. So unfortunately you are going to have to grow up quickly and remember that knowledge is the best weapon you can have against all that is happening to you. Learn everything you can while you are young. Find your strong points and work with them. You can start working when you are fifteen in most states. Do this, money, work, and knowledge give you the power to do what you want in life. Even if you have to take a crap job for now it will pay off later. Just remember to keep your money for you, it is not your job to raise your family.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 23:12


By anonymous at 06,Mar,11 20:12

hey there, sounds like a crappy situation, you'll be an adult in 4 short years (feels like forever when your teenager, but trust me...4 years is nothing!) Get a job, make a little cash for yourself so you don't feel so destitute. Start planning out your future too. Think about all the amazing places you could go once your an's a big world out there! then figure out a plan to get you aren't going to be able to go to college then I suggest starting your own business. Start NOW even! The younger the better. Even if it's raking yards, you can build it up to landscaping and by the time your 18 your set!! Figure out a plan and let it consume you. Work your butt off and anything is possible, I promise! I was on welfare too at one point and now I am making over $100,000 a year with my own business. The younger you start the better too because it takes a few years to get any business up an running so it's best to start while your parents are still for the most part paying your bills. And keep it a secret. you don't want your family trying to get in on it. Just dream big kid!!! Dream big and then work hard and NEVER give it up. Persistence is the key. Start selling stuff on E-bay..i could think of a million businesses for you to start. Let me know if you need ideas!! :)

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