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Most of You Are Teens

Posted by lifewillalwayssuck at December 12, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Philosophical

Most of you are teens, so it's pretty sad that you think life sucks. You guys have no idea.

Wait until you graduate college, and find out there are no jobs available. You will be stuck not only with a 20,000 dollar loan you need to pay off, but also a dead end job where you're boss is a total jerkoff who makes you type memos all day.

Not only that, the way most of you kids write, I'm doubtful that you will even get into college. So the one good thing about youth (college life) is pretty much not an option for you in the first place.

Sucks to be me, but it really sucks to be you. Stay in school kids. And pay attention in English class. Jesus.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 12,Dec,09 18:55

Why? So they can be like you? Why would anyone take advice from some broke, whiny loser with a dead-end job. At least they're probably getting stoned and laid in college; which sounds way more exciting than you shit*y life.
By anonymous at 15,Dec,09 12:34

You are not helping at all

By robbie at 13,Dec,09 21:29

i agree. Most of them can't write for crap. The world is going to $##@%%.

By anonymous at 14,Dec,09 01:57

hmm goto college like you and get a 20,000 dollar loan on us which we can't pay for the rest of our lives like you ? fuck off will ya

college is horseshit..

By anonymous at 15,Dec,09 12:40

I'm in college now and thats what i fear the most, having a lousy job that pays you little with a 20,000+ loan always hovering over your head. I mean a Degree that gives you a GOOD paying job should take care of those bills. doesnt make any sense.

I'm a double major by the way, so thats probably going to be 40,000+ for me. It really does scare me. I don't have much faith in the college system. they always say this college degree witll get you a good life but does it really promise that? I'm only in college becuase i have nothing better to do right now. Plus youre competing with like 600 other people who have the same degree as you.

but my mother told me that everything that's happening is only temporary. but sometimes the word 'temporary' can mean a very long time and thats something i do not want to put up with.

As for the teenagers on here, yea its VERY annoying, especially at the way they write. I know it was not this bad when i was in school. sometimes you just don't want to read those half-spelled words and other words we've never seen before. but sometimes teenagers don't really think ahead. They are still kids, they don't know what life is. its all about ex boyfriends and girlfriends or 'i dont have any friends' or 'my mom wont let me get an iphone'. just stuff you shake your head to.

Right now i'm having alot of student loans trouble, i fear that i may not even get into classes for next semester. plus my lenders are billing me now and i have NO job at all.

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 03:19

dude u probably went to OK school
these days you have to go to "good" school to get a job offer
so don't pull off you guys are too young to say my life suck and get a fucking grip

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