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untitled story

Posted by a broken hearted girl at December 17, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Relationship

well my story isnt so bad like the others....
my story is about a boy who broke my heart... i know its a little immature to talk about how he hurt me when people here barely living their lives... i just want to know what people have to say...
im not gonna give details about our relationship... i dotn want to write much... its just he was everything i wanted... tall, strong body, good looking... at first i was just like him...nothing else... my best friend told me to do not do anything with him cause he was gonna live in 5 months...
but i did... althiugh iknew he was gonna live but i was ok with that... i didnt want big relationship...
then he started to jealous me and his best friend...his friend always hitting on me...i didnt want him but i was nice to him... and that made my bf furious... despite that we were ok... untill one night we had fight and i left from his house... he was so mad...he left me... after that 2 nghts after actually he cheated on me with his old girlfriend....
i wanted him back to matter what... after all that he was such an asshole on me... when he found out that i was talking with another boy he called and told me things about how i dare talk to other boys and stuff like that... and when i meet his best friend just to tell him that im not interested to him ,he called me again and he was jealous... but one month later still he didnt do anything to win me back as i was doing every day in a month... now im starting to get over him but its pretty tough... and ignore him is one of the most hurt and difficult things to do now...
im sorry if u guys hate me cause im writing for things like that...
i know my story isnt even close to others peoples stories...


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By anonymous at 17,Dec,09 19:43

YOu should ask yourself WHY you wanted him back no matter what. that sounds a bit scary. he's jealous of who you talk to as if you don't have a right to speak to whoever you please, tries to control who you talk to and socialize with and then he has the nerve to cheat on you then call you up and complain that youre speaking to other boys when HE'S the one that cheated? you want him back after all that? where is your self-respect? Why are you SOOOO eager to keep a guy like this in your life? its almost like saying to yourself that is all youre worth or he is all you would ever deserve. you have to set some high standards for yourself. would you want him back if he put his hands on you, started shaking you and yelling in your face that he owns you? becuase that sounds like what he would have done if you had stayed in the relationship a little longer.

Never ignore those red flags in a relationship. this guy is NOT worth it. I have no idea why women like jerks or are so drawn to them but this guy is totally not worth your tears and sweat. the next time he calls, do not take his calls, do not give him the time of day anymore. he has clearly shown that he does NOT want to respect your lifestyle and who you talk to. Make him sorry that he ever treated you that way. he is not worth it!!!!!

By anonymous at 18,Dec,09 02:02

I hate to say it but its your fault. He knew his friend better than you did. Some of us- we love our buddies but we know not to trust some of them around girls we're interested in/dating. His past with this friend goes back further than your knowing him. If your tolerance of his flirtation from his friend, angered him, you knew this, and did nothing about it, who can blame him for his reaction. Even if you disagreed with his reasoning, but knew it mattered to him, for you to be indifferent about it speaks volumes about you; at very least its perceived selfishness and insensitivity. We can argue about it all day long; who's wrong, who's right- but the outcome is that a good relationship went sour over it and neither party being accomdodating enough.

By robbie at 20,Dec,09 21:53

some people do have it worse, but if it makes you sad, then it is sad, Then it is O.K. to be sad and feel like 'Life Sucks'. If people didn't write things because someone else might have it worse, then no one would write anything.

By Dreama at 13,Sep,12 16:04

A little rationality lifts the quality of the dbeate here. Thanks for contributing!

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