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Could be worse right???

Posted by No one at March 4, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 March  Money

Hi I am a 21 yr old female I live I'n qld the great sunshine state. My storie begins with being emotionally abused as a child by my mother and father who I never had a connection with. I'll get I'n trouble for eating last piece of cheese ect I always got told I'n fat I'm hopeless I am a worthless c@&t and that I will never be happy and never give anyone any happiness. So now as I start to grow up I start to feel and react toward these things and still get nowhere my sister who is 18 just had a kid after her bday and is getting showered with love and gifts and being able yo do any thing but me no I get told if I have kids it's going to be fucked I'n the head like me and they won't help, so I end up saying what ever get stuffed an shit so now I'm the bad person yet I couldn't get shot from them when I was younger but she gets everything like my little brother who basically gets everything he wants aswell. I ask myself what have I done to deserve this but even I can't answer that cause all I have ever done is help and done as I'm told ect.before I move out I started to work I'n mines and found out mum got a visa debit card sent home so she started to use my money and yet my dad don't believe me no one does cause I'm a problem child. Now since moving outa that he'll hole I find debts which my mother can't be fucked to pay so I am stuck with them yay extra slap I'n my face from them and now I'm stuck with my work being slow and all these debts and all this anger and I think why what have I done to deserve being tested this way to the point where my own family does not love me, I have some good things like my partner and pup and some friends. But it's not good knowing that all I am to my family is some scumbag. I often cry over this . I have not added all the things I have gone thru just a glimpse of my life which I think is the better side of it. I need someone to help me overcome these nasty brutal things I have seen and heard and gone thru I'n my childhood . So there u go I know I ain't the worst and heaps of people have gone thru bad things so I'm trying to keep my chin up.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Mar,11 13:02

You need to stop to think of yourself as a victim. Quit blaming everything on your ''emotionally abused'' childhood. Get a grip on yourself, you can be so much more than you are now. Trust in yourself and make your own decisions.

By anonymous at 21,Mar,11 19:44

You said that your mom used a credit card in your name? You should turn her into the police. What she did was highly illegal if you have your own bank account. She committed fraud and forgery.

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