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Life just sucks.

Posted by Red at March 18, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Juvenile problems  2011 March

I hate my fucking life. My parents don't care about me anymore. My mom gave up, and my dad just sits around smoking his weed everyday. My sister is a real fucking cunt. My brother thinks he's far superior than me because he's had sex. Well whoopie fucking doo...
I hate my friends, of all. Which doesn't surprise me one fucking bit. Everyones all about having your back and being there. But when it actualy comes to being a fucking brother. Not a fucking chance.
Love how everyone walks all over me. Just because i'm a nice fucking kid.
Who cares if i like a girl and spend more time with her than you. And want to try and pursue something other than friendship.
Who cares if i'm trying my best to find a job, to keep my families mouth shut.
Who the fuck cares who i am... And i can't even say i do.
Its god damn sad to live in this fucking world with no help, no words of advice, nothing... Not one fucking thing.
Not to mention, i'm a fucking pussy when it comes to just getting rid of my virginity. I can't just take the 5 fucking minutes to get it over with... No
i just have to have morals when it comes to that.. I fucking hate myself.
I don't what i'm gonna do. Can't see myself doing anything in 5 years, let alone a month if this shit keeps getting worse...
And i've thought about letting go of it all. Pulling that trigger. Kicking the chair form under me. Dropping the fucking toaster in the bath tub.
But of course. I can't do it. I can't even get laid, even when its practiclly handed to me..
Just wish i had friends. Actually friends. And someone to say "I love you" too.
If i could just have a little leeway, just a tiny fucking sliver..
I would feel happier... But i doubt anything will happen..
I. Hate. My. Life.


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By anonymous at 04,Apr,11 19:31

By anonymous at 18,Jun,11 13:22


By anonymous at 04,Apr,11 19:44

I feel the only solution is death. Tie a sheet to something and kick over the chair. It's what I'm gonna do soon.

By Meadow at 15,Apr,11 21:13

isg9KQ Walking in the preesnce of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

By anonymous at 23,Apr,11 23:06

Fuck it

By anonymous at 23,Apr,11 23:06

Fuck it

By anonymous at 01,May,11 09:59

My parents threatened to freaken kill me they give me negative comments my mum hit me wit a horses whip i cut my self drowned but it doesnt help my aunt make it worse by sayin im a retard a fat ugly stinky stup cow n my mum wont beleive me n im ONLY 13 it all started since i was 4 n my cuzin her n her sis touched me n all n one more thin im juz a feaken 13YEAR OLD GIRL!!go to door of hope i juz tried it yesterday
By anonymous at 13,May,12 23:18

I hope these messages can help..

www. lifechurch. tv/watch /my-secret/1
By anonymous at 13,May,12 23:23 Fold Up

http:/ /www. /watch/ those-people/4

By indian at 13,Jun,11 05:42

Hey, that's the geratset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 04:01

You all need sum serious fucking empathy! Its noy all about u theres alot more to life than this insignificant bs! May be sumday u will figure out that u should feel for people and thier problems. Be a loving true friend . Love thy neighbor. Forgive people! Love as u want to be loved! Theres too much hate! Karmas a real bitch!...

By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 00:17

If anyone on here is looking at this and needs someone to talk to just add me on Facebook. Gauge Brinson. Seriously.

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 22:39

Listen, young man. Life is not easy and at 41 I can't tell you that it will get better (for it runs in cycles). I sometimes can't help but feel that there is a dark force that controls this universe. Just turn on the news and look at all the horrible things that go on. When I was growing up my mom had a volatile personality and sometimes she would loose it and hit my sister or something. I would just always behave to stay out of trouble and tolerated the situation until I was old enough to go away to college. Now that I am older, I understand why people manifest in negative way. Too complicated for you to understand because it has to do with spirituality and all sorts of things. The only thing I can't point out, is that you have not been affected by this dark force and should fight to make sure you stay warm and loving and yourself. What I did to cope, was that learned to block out anyone that was negative around me (I wouldn't listen. I would focus my attention on something else). I would just ignore them. I felt sorry because I knew they were sick in so many ways. Once you come here on earth you have to make the best of things, even if you were given a bad deck of cards. When I first came to this country, I didn't even speak English. I managed to be the first in my family to go to college and although I can't say it's been an easy ride (I am still struggling financially)at least I learned to love myself even if those around me couldn't. And I swore to myself that I would never become one of the horrible people regardless of what life threw my way. I hope that helps. Re-direct your energy into something that you may like - a musical instrument, school work (I used to be a straight A students), or sport, writing (keep a journal). It is those things that you have control over, that will feel make you feel proud of yourself and give you confidence. Maybe one day when you get older you are able to help your family. They may be more lost than you realize. Stay true to yourself regardless of what other people do or say. As to friends, very few people can be real friends at any age. If you don't have any that you can trust, hold out until you find one that you can, but always trust yourself above all else. And remember you are not alone. You may feel like you are but there are many of us just like you who incarnated to this earth and we are too strong to be knocked down. We are usually the ones that eventually become the masters and teach others how to do it - how to overcome. Just look up at the sky and you will see all the bright stars shining amist all the darkness. And the sun always shines day in and day out. Darkness is only temporary.

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 22:41

Oh, and one more thing - stay away from drugs and alcohol. Learn to say "NO THANKS" Because if you take this path that's when life really REALLY sucks. I became a master at saying "NO THANKS"

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 22:45

Oh, and by the way. Have sex when you are in love. That's how it is supposed to be. Listen to your heart. You don't want to have an unwanted pregnancy or get some sort of disease just because you are trying to prove that you are a "man" That's silly...when you meet a girl that you really like then you can experience the beauty of it. Who ever set a time limit on that, was retarded. :-) As to your dad smoking weed, he is just trying to numb the pain - learn from that - now you know what not to do...

By buy cheap oem software at 07,Mar,12 14:24

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By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 21:20

i fucking hate my life x'[
idk wt to do theres no choice
i gotta be in a place tht i dnt like n never liked
i hate my life n i wish i die better
i dont have anyone here no one my sister is a fucking hoe n i hate her so bad i hte all my family i want to go back to jordan to my real place where im happy in n everything i need is ther not here

By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 13:39

Dude listen. Who cares about virginity? Are you an animal? Man up, sex is nothing. Just get rid of it. I am asexual and it saves me the WORRY of everything sexually orientated, even simple as talking to the opposite sex.

Fuck everyone, go blow up a school, watch some violent films, become a nazi, join a group, be racist, attack innocent people.


In the end, the only right person is YOU because YOU done what YOU wanted to do!

By anonymous at 13,May,12 23:22

Hope this helps friend...

www. lifechurch .tv/watch /those-people /4

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