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Poverty sucks

Posted by Susan J. at December 29, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Society

I live in America and what is supposed to be a great country, it has fallen pray to all kinds of things, drugs and senseless alcoholics, job loss, more and more crime, broken families, the economy has gone down and it would seem as well that there is a break down in Social Services. You can't get through to unemployment after you lose a job, the unemployment is at an all-time sky high which you experience a high call volume always telling you to try again later. Every call you make is a machine giving you instructions which is so frustrating when you really need a person to talk to... and not to mention, you wait at least three years to get Social Security Disability if you become disabled and can't work and that's if they're not denying you a claim which they do everyone unless you're dying, even if you're a Veteran... but just as well, to try and get Welfare is next to impossible and when you do get it, they've put you through all kinds of hell while treating you like you're a piece of low-life crap just because you turn to them for help... and above all, we always seem to be at war with some other Foreign Legion, country if you will. We are under the threat of terrorist attacks daily, afraid to fly on air-planes also because more and more of em are crashing. Yet still, there's the threat of Global Warming which affects us all on the planet and not to forget, the threat of Yellowstone Erupting. We have so many problems, it would take an Eternity to fix em if we ever do. Mankind has always had a million problems. We have this beautiful earth, planet to try and make things work, for everyone, but instead we just keep screwing things up. Okay, so we've lived thru the battles of everyday life, when will there ever be a day of peace other than when the good lord comes back. We are all tired of living this way. If there is some other way to go, some other means, some way to escape all this crap we've made of life with our senselessness and greed, please share this, otherwise be ready for whatever is to come.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Dec,09 18:31

Global Warming is a myth which some tricky people use to pump a money out of your pockets.

They talked about Global Freezing in 70ties and they will talk about it in 5-10 years again. But now it's Warming, LOL.

Temperature is below of what it was 900 years ago and that is called a small climatic optimum, which means it's not a warmest period in past 10000 years at all. It's the other way around - we live in quite cold period of the history of earth.

By anonymous at 30,Dec,09 02:21

i have been waiting on God to come for quite some time because i hate it here too. problems just keep occuring one after antoher. as i have said before on this webiste, i was laid off from a job 5 months ago and i have spent countless times filling out applications and going to interviews all for nothing. it has gotten to the point where i'm just going to give up because the world has made it clear to me that they arent going to give me a job.

I do know what you mean about stupid robots on the phone and in other cases that do everything for human beings. perhaps thats why jobs are being lost becuase its cheaper to let machines do it. yesterday morning was freaky too. around 9am i had woke up to the sound of my cellphone, some guy from a college promoting program answered and he sounded weird but very friendly. after i had hung up i THINK i realized that i had just had a whole conversation with a freaken robot. i mean it sounded so real but the guy took like 3 seconds to respond to everything i said as if he had trouble processing. it was sooo strange. like one of the questions he asked was "what type of classes are you hoping to take?" or something like that and so i told him and its like he went dead or something, so i had to repeat what i said and he finally resumed. it creeped me out.

i don't know about global warming being a myth. i don't know why people call it that. but a myth doesnt explain why polar bears are dying, sea levels rising and hotter summers. we always have a habit of not listening to scientists and i'm sure they know what they are talking about and studying. driving cars and having factories pollute the air has GOT to be bad for the earth.

yea i heard about the latest detriot terrorist act. just makes you wonder if this is america's karma for attacking the wrong country. i don't know what to think anymore. terrorist are slipping into this country so fast.

yea our world is very frightening. just stay close to God,okay?
By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 01:44

what's god?

By anonymous at 11,Jan,10 12:23

Your worried about Yellowstone erupting? You can't worry about every possibility. So what if it erupts? If it does, your death just gets moved up. Your attitude to life should be 'fu*king bring it' - whatever problems emerge, we'll deal with them. Century after century of humans have done it that way and heck we're still around.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 04:17

Trust me, if you were a black crackhead with nine kids who lived in the projects, theyd be shoveling money at you.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:51

Shit USA sound like Japan. I Japanese, and you describe Nagoya.

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