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Posted by GODDAMNSONOFABITCH at March 30, 2011
Tags: Anger  2011 March

I have nothing but hatred for everone. Every single one of you fuckers are nothing but dumbass pieces of shit. I'll never be fucking happy and I've accepted that but goddamn on a firey cross why do I have to be surrounded by fucking morons who don't know their dick from their elbow? Every day I feel myself closer to the edge of madness. Either someone kill me or I'll end up killing someone. Fuck life, fuck America, fuck the world, and fuck you.


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By anonymous at 09,Apr,11 14:30

and fuck you too.
By at 09,Apr,11 14:56

Well said. Middle finger high in the air to all the people that hate me :)
By anonymous at 10,Apr,11 06:15

Kioll yourself martin, do the world a favor!!!
By at 10,Apr,11 17:14

learn to write first
By anonymous at 15,Apr,11 22:08

By anonymous at 15,Apr,11 22:06 Fold Up

u took that a little personal dude,lighten up.:]
By anonymous at 15,Apr,11 22:13

meant for "an fuck you too" comment.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,11 15:01

My God your "surrounded by fucking morons who don't know their dick from their elbow" It's those "fucking morons" that made "goddamn on a firey cross" necessary in the first place. why don't you get off your high horse and realize your no better then the rest. The problem in the room is not the life, America's, or the world, the problem is your smug "fuck you" superiority complex.

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 01:59

Tell me what makes you so smart?

By at 11,Apr,11 09:23

The Problem Is The Spelling Of "You're" Not "Your!" ;]

-Life Is Good!" BullShit. >:[

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 15:34

Off you go son. You know what you have to do.

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 03:12

You amuse me, funny any how pick your targets wisely cause we don't need low level drones to get nulled.
If you will then go ahead but pick them as they are, the powerfull are what you seek...
Later and good luck, fellow Ronin.

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 20:05

Make love, not war, so go get laid today hahaha :)

By anonymous at 03,May,11 00:06

"so go get laid today" wish I could!! This reminds me of the "Fuck you" rant which is funny as hell. Google fuck you and it should be the top link.

By anonymous at 16,May,11 16:11

You have my respect, my fellow crazy motherfucker!

By anonymous at 30,Jul,11 17:29

You think you have problems, huh, have 50 people come in where you work and call you a whore and a pig. Then you know what rough is. Then deal with the voices in your head calling you names too than you know what rough is.

By anonymous at 13,Sep,11 18:34

if you're really that upset, you need to make an appointment with your local health professional. You shouldn't exclaim that you'll end up killing someone, if you want to kill yourself fine, but don't hurt innocent others.

By at 05,Oct,11 14:26

I was like that when I had my first alcoholic beverage :)

By anonymous at 08,Oct,11 16:17


By anonymous at 26,Oct,11 09:38

Don't be such a pussy. You're only hurting yourself with this shitty attitude.

By anonymous at 21,Dec,11 03:18

This is the best fucking post I've read in awhile...I know how you feel... I am sick & tired of all the semi conscience stupid mother fuckers in this country! I hate every god damn one of you comatose, can't think for yourselves, ass kissing conformist puppet people! All you do is eat & consume, and you think your govt. really gives a fuck about you. You think the cops are put in place to help you if needed. They aren't- Nobody gives a Fuck about you. Your all slaves. Ya least black people knew when they were slaves. Americans are just clueless cunts.

By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 21:50

The name of the site is "lifesucks". Every post I read has people complaining about that persons post. Let them rant! Its a paragraph or two. Not a portal into their life, we all have problems let them get it off their chest.

By anonymous at 16,Feb,12 21:13

Life's not as bad as you make it out to be. suck it up a little bit. We all have free will, so you can make your life better if you want to. It's no fun being miserable

By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 07:19


By juco4EVR at 11,Jul,12 21:14

Whoa man, now you're makin me mad. FUCKYOU!!!!!!!!!!! I ain't no fucker I hope somebody does kill u. U r such a. . . a piece of shit mixed with pee bloody vomit and Satan. Please go die now. The world will be a better place without u.

Did u hear me? I said NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:^[

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:25

and my final comment to all of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.

By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 15:03

Fuck u 2
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 18:09

To the above. Go fuck yourself and FUCK YOU YOU PUKE.

By anonymous at 08,Nov,12 22:55

Haterz gonna hate:)

By anonymous at 13,Nov,12 20:27

Thats because comment 12 15:03 and the post is an asshole and deserves to be hated the stupid nasty motherfucker piece of maggot infested shit from the lowest depths of a sewer. FUCK HIM.

By Heidi at 05,May,13 10:19

Last one to utilize this is a rtoetn egg!

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By Frenchie at 15,May,17 02:31

Stay with this guys, you're henpilg a lot of people.

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