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Posted by anon at April 3, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Philosophical

I agree with Absurdist way, I looked at it in drama...what is the meaning of life? Many question about what happens after death, maybe their is an afterlife, people like to think there is something after death, but the truth is i don't feel it matters and even if it kinda of does eg. burning in hell, what is the point. Why would i want to live again? What purpose is there? People seek power and wealth, that seems to be the aim of this game of chess. However it seems after this we leave the world with nothing not even memories, what is the point of life? what is the point of living?

We get here and are expected to enjoy it but how about an explanation of why we should not just kill ourselves? Apart from oh you'll go to hell


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By marshalt at 12,Apr,11 14:45

Honestly, the whole hell thing is what stops me from doing it. I'm not much of a Christian, but that's really all that stops me. If I knew for a fact there was no hell, I'd end it all this very second.
By D at 13,Apr,11 01:46

Why should you be afraid of Hell but not Heaven?

By anonymous at 12,Apr,11 17:42

Your story would make Friedrich Nietzsche proud.
By anonymous at 13,Apr,11 01:43

But Friedrich Nietzsche would say yes to all the meaninglessness and suffering of the World. Kindof like Camus insisting that the world was meaningless and absurd but that we should embrace it and "love the rock".

By anonymous at 12,Apr,11 23:25

i would say because you are here. so look around and see what there is to see. maybe it's just a training course. so get trained. find out what you need to know. or whatever. i don't get the whole focusing on the afterlife thing. no one even really knows about that. so why don't we focus on the reality we see in front of us which is life. why don't we focus on where we are right now which is life. what's the point of being alive if all you're focusing on is the afterlife.

i know why. because the reality of life many times is too much for people to handle. so they think about something else.

By D at 13,Apr,11 01:41

Because accoring to Camus suicide doesn't help us escape the absurdity of the world but re-enforces it, like Schopenhauer advising against suicide because it doesn't allow an escape from the Will (the blind and omnipresent force that drives everything and that everything is contained in), but affirms it. We come from nothing, we are nothing, we'll become nothing. If a person wants to kill themselves then they have every "right" to it. (I use quotation marks because the concept of rights only exists in the sphere of Humans. Nature has no use for such a petty thing).

Heaven, Hell... two ends of the same pole. Both are undesirable. (I'm trying being poetic here).

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 08:49

By anonymous at 19,Apr,11 04:13

hear hear

By anonymous at 15,Apr,11 04:45

Heaven and Hell doesn't exist. It's invented by people to give comfort to themselves. They are afraid about the unknown so they want to go to a paradise like heaven when they die. Also, they want the bad people to go to hell so that they can suffer. We have been dead billions of years before we're born so we know how it feels not to exist.

By anonymous at 15,Apr,11 21:29

heavy shit man,are you guys stoned? i feel ur pain tho,if i owned a gun,id been worm food yrs ago.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,11 07:43

A wad of paper only burns for so long.
Every living thing on the Earth is condemned to death.

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