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life was created to suck!

Posted by peter at January 22, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Philosophical

Did you know that life sucks shit big time and that it sucks all the time?Do you think that life is cutting you down and shit allways happens to you?Do you feel the sting of circumstances that allways end up in the negative and leave you feeling like you are a piece of shit?Good That's what's supose to happen.When you say that life sucks you are only agreeing with what God has been trying to say to you through the bible for generations now.Adam sinned in the garden and caused the fall of all man kind.In todays lanuage,because of Adem we all feel like shit and our lives SUCK BIG TIME.Did you get that ?Life sucks because we are all sick inside and we can not help ourselves.there is no way to save our lives,we can not do it.In other words life sucks all the time and we hate it don't we?Yes! but look Jesus died for you and me .God sent his son into the world so that our lives will not suck forever.When we die God will bring us up to live with him so that we can live in paradice with him,now that my friends does not suckin fact that gives us life.It is true that this life may allways suck but if we confess Jesus Christ as Lord we will live in joy and peace and love and kindness and jubulation and so many more things when we die or when he returns,never lacking one thing that could make us happy.Now I ask you fokes ,How can that Suck?


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New Comment

By at 23,Jan,10 01:13

HIs Kingdom really sounds nice. I would almost give anything to go there NOW. We are in a world of humanity where man-made systems fail and abandon us everyday. How can we not strive and beg for something better?

By anonymous at 23,Jan,10 23:00

Yes God made it suck as punishment. So anyone in their right mind should understand that life was made to suck, so we could become better, by learning from our mistakes. If you are experiencing bliss here in hell, you must not be good but rather evil. Thats why we should stop worshiping celebrities because if they are getting rich rewards here, they must not be one of Gods people.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:15

Stop depending on God and grow a pair of balls and face your life. Man up and stop waiting for God to solve everything.
You have control over your life, so take the control.
Oh also, stop blaming God when you f-ed your own life up with your choices.
By anonymous at 29,Apr,10 20:48

God has entered into my life so I think you should look at your wiener and check to see if you have any knockers there yourself, Wimp Boy!
By anonymous at 19,Aug,10 07:09 Fold Up

sir i dont know nor care if your christian but thank you for realizing what most people dont and that is if there is a god he is not going to do a damn thing for you if you do not do a damn thing to help yourself thank you

By anonymous at 29,Apr,10 20:49

Too small are they not? The truth hurts don't it?

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