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my boyf loves sricking me

Posted by jenifer at May 26, 2011
Tags: 2011 May  Relationship

my boyfriend hits me, he just likes to beat me up , i donno what to do , he just likes to boss me around and he wants me to listen to every shit he says and if i say know he grabs and he strarts beating, up, he slaps me, he bitss me. my life realy sucks i feel dumb because of him , i don wana leave him because i love him, i have never been in love before, i lost my fucking virginity to him , he means the world to me but he is killing me , all those bruises i have , i cant take anymore, i wish i could die or something,i cut myself because of this dude. what realy sucks that am only 16 BTW he is 16 too.
last time that i remeber him stricking was three days ago, i went to a fiend house that he had a fight with and i ddnt tell him, I HAD A FUCKING ENGLISH THINGIE to do and he was my partner, what is wrong with that , i have nothing to do with this fuckin fight!!!!anywz i wana die so bad,everyone thinks my life is perfect they sy somthin like i have a lvly house and car , am skinny and beautiful and my boyfriend is cute and shit, it is true that many girls in my class would die to go out with hime at lst one day, but if they aculy kno who he rly is ...... anyways they think my life is the best also i am like i have popular frindz and good grades and all that fucing shit, but i feel terribl inside and fucked up,imagine the empyness and the pain that you feel stuck jst inside!!!!! the worst and funniest shit ever is that he iz actuly planing on our futur togther and all that crap!!! i feel so deepressed , my boyfreind (the 16 yrs old bastard gy) wont stop stricking me until he kills me! no one knws bt this so far i feel broken and a bit embassed!!!! jst wana kill myself!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 00:40

I have no sympathy for you. It's a free country so nothing is stopping you from leaving him. It seems like you're only staying in the relationship because because you want everyone to think that you have a perfect life. Stop living a lie!

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 10:58

Does it feel like true love? No he doesn't love you. If you're beutiful and you love him, theres no excuse, not even a shallow one. He's a terrible person, and you will screw up your life with him and wind up with worse and worse guys as time goes one. Hes not someone that should have kids either. I know you're broken hearted, but you're gonna have to face that broken heart, if you ever want to be happy, don't believe in the unconditional love lie. anyone who loves someone regardless of what they do, is a shallow person. sounds like you're only with him because of his looks, because his personality sucks, and if he dodn't look like he does, would you put up with it? No. You're not in love with his soul, hes a mean person, you're in love with his body, go find another body to love.

By anonymous at 13,Jun,11 09:49

Honey life is to short and there are many guys out there that would worship you. I was once told you should be with a man that workship the ground you walk on and loves you just a little bit more then you do. Its true, you will have many broken hearts in your lifetime. I know the first one is the hardest exspecialy if you have given him a part of you that you can't take back. You need to tell your parents and hold your head up and move on. I am sure there are some guys in your school who think the world of you and wouldn't let him touch you if they knew. Get out of this relationship before he kills you....

By anonymous at 13,Jun,11 18:20

The decisions you make now will shape your life forever. Do you want to date abusers forever, or men who will treat you like a princess? Work on your low self esteem and get professional help to understand why you would stay in an abusive relationship. What is broken inside of you that you would settle for this? I know several women who have been murdered by their boyfriends/husbands, so for your sake I hope you get some self esteem and get out.
By jenifer at 14,Jun,11 04:06

you r right am gona see a shrink soon to work on my LOW self esteem but am afraid the threapist would call the cops or somthing , i jst want him to stop beating me not to sty away from me, but am gona get help , i have too!!! before i kill myself !!! am crying so bad because i thought he is gona make me happy now he is treating me like his fucking slave or even worse! thanks for the adivise u gyz !!!
By anonymous at 16,Jun,11 08:15

You're still not getting it. You should want him to stay away from you. He could kill you, so of course the goal is to get him to stay away from you. You need to let this relationship go. Its unhealthy and dangerous. As I said before you need to break the cycle, so that your future relationships are with guys who will value and respect you and would never think of being physically abusive to you.

As hard and painful as it will be for you, you need to tell your family and counselors at school. They will help you take the necessary steps to get this guy away from you and get you the counseling you need. Once you become more strong and start loving yourself you'll be able to move on and get a new boyfriend. But right now, you just need to get this guy away from you and work on healing yourself. You cannot keep this guy in your life and help yourself, its one or the other. Its either him or you at this point. I hope you chose yourself.

By anonymous at 14,Jun,11 01:58

Call the cops on him and run! You are too young and no one deserves to be treated like that! You are young and will not be with him forever get rid of him now before it too late! He might kill you one day obviously you both need counseling

By anonymous at 17,Jun,11 04:02

Order an oozi 9mm online and when it arrives blow ur mans cock clean off. Then blow his legs off so he cant go anywhere, in the meantime get a porn star lover to fuck you hard an aggresively (after you've sucked his cock ofcourse) infront of your dying ex lover. This will make you feel better, and the world will be a safer place for all.

By anonymous at 18,Jun,11 15:36

Leave him... you should never stay with someone who has to hit. Send him an e-mail and tell him he's a prick and an abuser then find a womens shelter. Be sure to get a restraining order as well.

By anonymous at 08,Oct,11 11:32

I don't have much sorrow for you either.
All you have to do is leave that abuse bastard. What's stopping you?

By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 09:46

That is the most ridicolous story Iv ever heard,you are16and your whole life ahead of you,im sure yo ave the ability to walk away,stop looking for sympathy .. its pathetic.

By BertieorBirdie at 25,May,16 00:01

This webiste makes things hella easy.

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