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i hope I'm wrong

Posted by Mark Cruz at June 10, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 June  Philosophical

Hidden under the rock of adolescents, i once thought The very existence of me was the proof of a higher power. "god is benevolent" "god is all powerful" "god is all good",-Torah

Why create a being that could feel such pain such aloneness, why would you make us thrive on others knowing that a good majority will in fact not have those much needed lovers to tell us it's going to ok, its going to fine.

Being shoved down my ears by Rabbis and Fathers the cliche "with out suffering there is no loving"...... i call shanagins. Why would you not create a perfect world for all your children to live in. "why even make a forbidden fruit in which penalty of eating would get you banished from the garden of happiness.

because i sure feel like an ant.. just waiting to be burned

The saddest part of my story is that my life is almost perfect no deaths no employment or economic problems......
Yet I cant be happy.
I will never be happy with what i have. its just me and except it.

I just prey that god a a trick up his sleeve to make my miserable life worth living.


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By anonymous at 05,Jul,11 20:26

Maybe we exist soley for God's entertainment. We are nothing but different channels on God's cable network or PS3. He is God and created everything, so he can do what he wants. All the nukes in the world cannot defeat the creator of the universe. The only option is to do our best to survive and try to fruitlessly react to all the obstacles he throws in our way. Maybe life is a test, like what happened to Job. If we endure the bad things in life and still love God then he will reward us later on. Read the book of Job. I'm sure your Rabbis recommended it.

By anonymous at 13,Aug,11 11:24

Or maybe God doesn't exist and you're wasting your life talking to an imaginary friend - like a child writes to santa claus.

Quit waiting for some magical reward that conveniently only happens after you die. You are a slave to fear.

Isn't it strange God never just comes down here and shows himself? No, he can only talk to the "higher ups" like the pope, who just happen to become rich off of your donations. Again, isn't that convenient.

Do you really think that a bunch of desert goat herders had the secrets of everything that is, was, and every will be? They think the Earth is 6000 years old...

Look at the idiot above me. He thinks that a super powerful man in the sky is watching us on CNN. What part of the bible is that in?

By best link build at 16,Oct,13 03:44

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