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Posted by anonymous at June 19, 2011
Tags: Childhood  Family  2011 June

Im 16, I live in Los Angeles. I thought I'd give you a piece of the only 2 good qualities of my life. Eh, nevermind those suck too. Anyways...

I have been homeless 7 times within my 16 years. My parents were never together, and my Dad told me it only took 10 minutes to make me and those 10 minutes have ruined his entire life.

The first time I remember being homeless was during 1st grade at the age of 5. I remember the other kids in my class laughing and running around and me just sitting in a chair wishing I could be this happy and repeating to myself "Im Homeless". My mother has always taken care of me in all ways, she just made terrible decisions in life which have affected me. We never were outside sleeping but always in motels or in our car. We would get a place for about a year and when she couldn't pay the rent, we were back in the same position. I've always been resilient so I never complained about my life, it just was what it was and I loved my mom and never wanted to her to think I was unhappy although I always was.

Believe it or not, 11, almost 12, years later this is still my life and it upsets me more now then ever. My mother lost her car in 2010 due to unpaid tickets and I have been on the bus ever since, although this is nothing major or anything to complain about, but it is pretty hard trying to be a teenager when you don;t have the transportation you need to just be with your friends.

November 4th, I left for school at about 7 am and all was well. Just a normal day. I came home and everything was packed up. My entire life changed within 7 hours. I didn't complain or express any sort of distaste for the situation, one again it just was what it was. We lived with a friend of my mother's for that first month. He was also getting evicted from his place at the time. My mother had found an apartment but thought her credit was bad and asked her friend if he would sign for us and he could move in for about 2 months until he got on his feet. He said yes and that was the plan. She signed her deposit money for the apartment in his name and he totally screwed us and took the place, leaving my mother and I to be homeless for another 2 months. WITHOUT A CAR. One night, my mom and I just walked the streets in the dark because we had nowhere to go. Our last option was to call my step-mother who is no longer with my Dad. She pounced at the idea of taking me in as my mother found a place. We had no money, no car, no nothing. We carried all of our belongs in the rain to and from the bus, that we barely had money for. February finally came and my mom called with the amazing news of her finding an apartment. I believe it was the 7th of that month I was taken tot meet up with her at the apartment. Relief, relief is the only word to explain. The feeling of being in your own room and comfort, man its just the best.

But ofcourse that was short lived. We must now move out by the 21st of June and we have no idea where we are going and still have no car. I left for school, my last day of school which was hella exciting as I anticipated this fun-packed summer, to return to another packed up home. I just wish this shit wasn't happening and I could be a kid for once without having to worry about adult things. I always worry whether the rent is paid or will I have to move this month. It doesn't help that my mom can be a total bitch while this all takes place. I can understand her anger, but I did not cause this shit. She fucking starved me for a whole week because I tried to save 40 dollars and showed desire to keep it and not give it to her. She told me "If I gave a fuck about how hungry you were, I would've gone grocery shopping".

So yeah, basically I wanna die.


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By anonymous at 24,Jul,11 04:11

how are you on a computor to write this?

By Ashley at 09,Aug,11 15:25

Am 16 too been through hell an bk?bt overcum it! N today am hapy

By Ashley at 09,Aug,11 15:25

Am 16 too been through hell an bk?bt overcum it! N today am hapy

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