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Wait til you read about my life...

Posted by TC at June 22, 2011
Tags: Abuse  Childhood  Family  Health  2011 June  Life Story

Wow, ok lets get started...I'm a 45 year old woman...I was adopted at my birth to a couple who had decided that adopting a child would help save their marriage. They then later adopted another little girl to be my sister.
I was picked on horribly in school, no friends, younger sister had to protect me from bullies.
Parents divorced with a huge custody battle that lasted 3 months with my sister and I being forced to live at the mean neighbors house down the road.
3 years later when I was 13, my moms mom died, my mom died and not 2 weeks later my dads mom died, and 9 months later my great aunt died.
Dad did the best he could but was in a car accident, hitting his head on a windshield, suffering a brain disorder called a-typical-unusual psychosis. Suffereing paranoia, he lost his job of 23 years, forcing him into retirement.
My sister and I were ripped away from him and put into a foster home, he got us back in 3 weeks.
At 16 I was date raped, my sister at 17 got pregnant, at 20 I was in an abusive relationship and had a child. Married the guy, but divorced him when my child was 10 and tried to start a new life.
Father couldn't live alone, got medical treatment and was doing much better but wasn't his old self.
I have been raped and abused 5 different times, had 2 major surgeries and 2 herniated discs with nerve damage...unable to work to properly care for my child.
Met a really nice guy, my daughter growing up, has lots of problems, not able to nice guy and I got dad went into a nursing home
My husband tried to help me, my mind started to go...depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks...lots of meds.
Sister doesn't give a damn about me or my daughter or Dad.
Husband leaves us...for 9 long months...we still saw each other and eventually got back together
2 months after we got back together we found out we were 5 weeks pregnant, I was 40.
Our son was born in january of 2007, beautiful baby. Seemed healthy.
At 5 months old he started having seizures.
On his 3rd birthday, my beloved father died.
Our son is now 4 and has epilepsy, autism and fragile x syndrome.
We are tired, stressed, broke and I just want to give up!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 06:56

Dont give up. First, ur child could be the smartest person in the world for all anyone knows. Secondly, try and keep ur marriage together, it is essential to a healthy life, if it is a healthy marriage. Third, im broke asa skunk too. I dnt have any dependants to take care of luckily. See whatu can do for jobs, welfare, any help or donations or aide u can get, read online. Fourth, pray and never ever give up, what would that accomplish. I suggest u take an evening out of ur life to really think about things and maybe devop a rough draft plan.. go to church and pray some mire the answers will come, have faith, godbless u and ur family.

By Alexandra at 27,Jul,11 16:11

Your life is identicla to mine but I have ad two duaghter and they both have Muscular Dystrophy not Epilepsy and all those others the oldesyt alos has MS (Multiple Scilrosis) First don't give and aplly for Disability ans Social Security. Get youself on Medicare and your son on Medicade. Me I have job and a nice husband of 13 years. I married him at 24 and I had child 10 monthes later and another 2 years after that. Me i was an only child. Life wil get beter if you just hang in there. Don't let frag tou down take care of yourself and yur son to the best of your ability.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,11 05:11

Keep your marriage - it seems like the one thing that can buoy you both up now!

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 23:06

think about your child and whats good for him remember you still have your husband 2.

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