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Posted by jj at July 9, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Loneliness  Meaninglessness

I am 21 yrs old. my whole life has been a complete waste. i don't know why my life sucks but it does.i m an introvert so i don't have many friends and those people who are my friends are just friends of name.what should i do?. it seems life has no meaning now. i feel lonely, i feel empty , i feel dead inside.


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By anonymous at 12,Aug,11 19:18

I just randomly found this site... I totally felt like this years ago, so I decided to comment on your post. The "my whole life has been a complete waste" thing is what sounds familiar, as well as the feeling dead and empty and being an introvert. Im out of the woods after feeling exactly what you posted for about ten years, so I thought Id share.

I think you are at the age where you haven't found your niche yet, and the people who are most like you haven't really come out of the woodwork yet. They are at home, online like you, thinking bad things about themselves. Sometimes they feel alright about themselves, but then a depressed mood will come over them after a bad comment or a lonely day, and they will feel the feelings you posted in your post.

But they will come into their own soon, and you will meet them. Make this rule for yourself: Whenever someone invites you to ANYTHING, no matter who it is or where it is, you have to go. Even if you would have more fun at home, reading or something, you have to go. Because, whether it's a good one or a bad one, you can't make up for a lost memory. Fill it up with events and interactions and the days wont seem like they have just rushed by. Start doing activities, joining clubs, writing, or creating. Have something to show for the day, whether it be a memory you wont soon forget or something you have produced or helped with.

Also, you have to absolutely and completely turn off your negative thinking and talking about yourself. You don't know what you've done or said in your life or how it has affected others. Who are you to say that your life has been a waste?

Also, if you can stand to hear a Christian pastor talk, these two sermons totally changed my life/outlook in this area. Ive given this to my atheist friends not to convert them, but to get a good discussion going about life in general. This guy is a genius, reads a lot, and draws on a lot of philosophy and literature. Even if you are not spiritual at all, you can still get something out of listening to these, because it will help you think about your motives, what you think about yourself, what you value in life, why you do things, why you want friends, what you want from other people, and why you are having desires that can't be fulfilled.

By anonymous at 12,Aug,11 20:55

i implore you to print out what you have written here and bring it to the emergency room. You sound like you are in serious danger of killing yourself. I speak from experience: with medication and/or talk therapy you CAN feel happiness one day. And if you kill yourself, you won't get a chance to feel happy and I guarantee you will absolutely devastate at least dozens of people, some that you would never even imagine would care, beyond all belief. they will carry the burden of the pain that you are feeling for a very very long time. the grief that you will leave them with will be the worst and most complex type. they will be wracked with guilt and questions and sadness that they weren't good enough to help you in your darkest hour. and when they aren't blaming themselves--this in the midst of a terrifying grief and shock due to your untimely death-they will start to blame others in an unfair way. If you can't get help for you-please do it if you give even the tiniest shit for anyone else.

By P at 16,Aug,11 17:31

I am as old as you and now feeling exactly like you did.

By anonymous at 17,Aug,11 04:54

suicide! life aint worth livin anyway

By anonymous at 17,Aug,11 07:29

guess what. Life just gonna get worst soo hold your breath couse we are going all way down the hell.

By anonymous at 17,Aug,11 20:33

What ever you do never kill hurt or anything like that to your self or other I know how you feel if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you email hope you feel better soon.

By anonymous at 18,Aug,11 04:00

I feel you man. I don't have a lot of friends either and I just had a fallout with the 2 people I consider my best friends. Now I'm pretty much completely alone and life feels like shit. I'm starting to question what's the point of it. We all live life just to die in the end so why bother... No matter what we do, everyone dies in the end doesn't matter if we touch the lives of other people, share good times with them or w/e because in the end we all become fertilizer for the earth which will die itself when the sun explodes anyways. I don't understand life...

By anonymous at 18,Aug,11 04:09

Look outsise yourself. What can you to help someone else?

By anonymous at 18,Aug,11 12:15

I am also like u dude, don't worry, Good times will come, am sure about it. Atleast u have nothing to lose. Go on try the things that u will do, if u know this is the last day of your life. Try changing the environment u live in. Always Smile. I am sure you are a ROCKSTAR of tmrw. :)

By anonymous at 20,Aug,11 23:22

Same like me but i enjoy the very little things

laughing when someone does something stupid and stuff people get hurt

By anonymous at 03,Sep,11 23:09

Unlike many comments i read i dont think you should even think about suicide... i mean dont you want to see if something good is going to happen? you are young and in fact im younger than you and i know im not a genius and this probably may sound dumb but cheer up! there are good people out dare, the world is gigantic , dont u think there is the posibility that somebody may love you? :) dont you want to at least find out? even the people who comment are taking some of their time to care for your story so i think is not that bad :D right?

By anonymous at 05,Sep,11 04:55

just an offer, but if you ever want to talk you can message me. im 22. my email is

By anonymous at 30,Dec,11 10:20

i understand you very well. i feel the same...

By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 09:29

same here to me also like as u

By anonymous at 17,Sep,12 18:28

I know how you feel and have been through the same thing myself. When my ex wife left me and took the kids and the house all I could hear in my head was "loser, loser, end it, end it". I was close to the edge and the only reason I could find to keep going was my kids. No matter how bad I feel and how much I would like to leave this miserable life behind, my kids need me. I will endure my pointless existence until they are old enough to understand and forgive me. I used to feel sadness, regret, loneliness but now I feel nothing. A void. I hope there is such a thing as another life and I hope it is better than this one.

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