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life sucks

Posted by saba at July 29, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 July

I feel that what so ever has happened to me is not justified...i do not know why.I even feel scared to ask Allah that why i have been through all this...starting from the early memories where i always felt that my father should not have married by mother as they do not respect each other till now when i feel that even i should not have got married is really painful...i wana ask ALLAH why this all has happened to me...still i get sacred that it must be his will....but why me........why i was abused at the age of seven...why i raised up with a fear in my mind that what will happen it others come to know this....i had irregular periods,,,,,i always thought that i am not a complete woman...i won't be able to give rise to a generation....who would accept me,,,,,,always thought that i m ugly,,no one will ever accept me....always grew up in isolation...was never able to voice my feelings.............


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Sep,11 16:30

Saba, live for in the present. Don't hate yourself because you get to live only onece. make this one lifetime beautiful. Don't look at the bad aspects of life. pay attention to only good ones...Also don't hate yourself. You have only you as a friend and if you hate yourself then who else will love you?! In order to be loved and appreciated, first you have to love and respect yourself...

I feel for your mom. It happens in most homes. At least you are not from a broken home... It is natural of love to die at times, but your parents staying together despite odd is an acheivement on its own. In western world, people seek divorce as a remedy but staying together despite odds is remarkable and a foundation for you and your future generations' traditional values...

By anonymous at 16,Sep,11 17:22

I'll tell you why. CUZ ALLAH AINT REAL! U want change: turn to the christian god, you wanna go hurt innocent people: stick with allah
By anonymous at 17,Sep,11 04:21

tushe! keeep crying allah and you will continue to be punished
By anonymous at 25,Sep,11 15:04 Fold Up

None of your gods are real you stupid pricks!

You are the reason why so many innocent people are killed every day, why so many brilliant doctors and scientists are denied the right to think and practice their inventions!

And by the way, historically speaking, Christianity has been the most violent and hateful religion to date. Pope Urban called for the holy wars (kind of like bin laden in the modern day). You stupid delusional bastards.

You people disgust me. FUCK YOU!

By pro link building at 24,Sep,13 13:03

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