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this sucks man.

Posted by anonymous at August 3, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Juvenile problems  School

I am a teen black dude back to high school im shy timid and dont talk much easily embarrsed.well i have this constanly get ridiculed. majority being other black people mostly girls.this is how if sit near go around some of the other black girls they will say somthing like hey she want go out with you or she likes you when they really dont then the whole group will start.i see some pointing at me or gossipng about me.they usauly get in my face and do that.i just get embassresd and walk away.its not just girls im scared of people in general.when i walk where there is alot of people i dont know i walk stiff sweat and other stuff.also with the girls ethir they of even some dudes will call me scary as in scardy cat or a bitch witch mean the same thing.i dont want to chang myself but i am getting tired of this stuff.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Aug,11 05:29

and yeah i have no freinds or anything.

By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 14:37

I know how it feels to always get made fun of Im a freshman and it gets kinda tiring dosent it well I'm dealing with a dude who thinks he knows everything well now im going crazy by getting arrested for defending black people I'm half french they just dont understand I almost killed my self why dont people understand when depression hits it dont go away

By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 20:40

Their not your friends, so it's none of their business.

You do who you feel comfortable with, not what people want you to be with.
By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 20:45

Any girl using other girls to bully you into dating them is a clear-sign to stay away.

They don't respect you, and you shouldn't waste time with their antics if their going into degrading you.

I think you need to set the standard and let them know your not going to tolerate their garbage and for them to "butt out" your life. If you need to contact a teacher for consistent harassment, you have the right to do so.

Other-wise ignore the flap jaws. These girls say these things now, but they'll be the very next girls who'll end up pregnant with no husband.
By anonymous at 24,Sep,11 20:41

yeah i see a hole bunch of them gettin pregnat altlest bra.
By anonymous at 24,Sep,11 21:00

yo keep da comments commin bra. they makin me feel better.

By anonymous at 03,Oct,11 19:13

I have the same problem, I think we have what's called social anxiety disorder, or social phobia. I always feel like i'm being watched and judged. It affects my every move. People use to mock me in school and say I look stupid and wierd, because i'm kinda stiff when I walk. Now i'm an adult, and I've gotten better. I heard this disorder is curable with therapy, youtube it.Good luck.

By anonymous at 15,Oct,11 09:58

are dreads to confindent of a sytle yo because i want them.

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 11:21

i want sex

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