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untitled story

Posted by Lori at August 26, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Loneliness

Geez, just reading these stories makes me not feel so lonely after all. But the truth is, I am very lonely myself, I don't know how to reach out to people and feel that no one likes me. I am a 47 year old female, live in an apartment, I work, but like I said, I am very lonely. I am also depressed. I try to find things, etc, to get involved in, but I have no motivation to do anything. I want nothing to do with my birth family, they are all toxic and do me no good except to upset me. Christmas is the worst for me, I have no where to go and I dread it when it comes. All I want is to find friends to do things with and hang out with, laugh with etc. but I find the world so cold. I know how alot of people feel out there, but one thing I can't understand is this, in a world full of so many people, why are there so many lonely people in the world?


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By anonymous at 26,Oct,11 14:59

Yes totally agree. For me its Friday nights, because that's date night. I'm trying online dating, that's mostly a crap chute though. 90% of guys on there are losers, married, or just looking for sex. Its tiring but I'm sticking with it because are no guys to date on my job and I don't go out. So online dating is the only hope for me. The ironic thing is I get hit on all the time when I go to the store or mall, etc., but there are so many ass hats out there. I'd rather be single than just settle for any ole butt cheese. Oh well, good luck to the both of us!

By anonymous at 26,Oct,11 18:22

That is a very sad story. The only silver lining is that there are all kinds of lonely people out there. I have an uncle in his mid 50s that never had a woman and we think is either asexual or 'in the closet.' There are so many sad people. People with chronic pain and loved ones who just died. The world can be very sad and lonely at times.

By anonymous at 27,Oct,11 05:29

Well I'm a guy and I'm in my twenties, so you could say we don't have that much in common. On the other hand I also feel kind of crap during Christmas, and especially during the Valentine's day (the worst day of the ear :D) because I am still single and never even had a relationship. I would like to think of myself as above average looking, reasonably intelligent, very honest and trustworthy. However I'm an emotional wreck, as I don't know where I want to go with my life etc... I would love to have a soul mate, and I had feelings for several girls I met, but I never said anything to anyone or acted on it in any way. Basically, I just don't feel like I am ready for a relationship, and if I were to engage in one, I would drag us both down, instead of just myself. Also, me being quite shy and plain inexperienced with girls doesn't help :D. So there you go, You and I are just several of millions of lonely people out there. The problem is- if we ever saw each other in the street we would just walk straight past each other and continue to be lonely... I think there are so many lonely people in the world because we can't recognize other lonely people.

By anonymous at 03,Nov,11 20:57

Yours is the only entry so far that is tolerable. You are at least not whining, just stating your state of emotions. You sound like an alright person and not a complete pathetic whack job like the rest on this forum.

You'll be alright.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 13:58

You find the world cold, because it is cold. The world is full of people b/c people try to justify there existence by having children themselves. Thereby telling themselves they are doing the "right" thing.

In the end we are all alone, we are born alone, spend most of our time alone to one degree or another and the die alone.

Its just a simple fact of life.

By anonymous at 23,Sep,12 15:03

i cn understand your state.i m in my early 20..hd realationships before but none worked...they all at some point of time realized they were rong in breaking my heart bt all r nw happily commited except all freinds hv g.f or i m d only one to tlk one to understand me..

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