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life... just take out the f, and you got lie

Posted by .... at September 16, 2011
Tags: Appearance  Juvenile problems  2011 September

all my life ive been letdown. i have always been letdown by family friends and all the lies ive been told. it never came to me till i was a freshmen in high school. i never was successful at anything to do. i had no ambition or motivation to better myself or even attempt to try. freshmen year i was always picked on, i was the fat guy on the football team who tried his best but coaches never gave credit to. so i decided to quit. i went to one dance that year, i tried to dance with some girls, it was like i wasnt even there, then some guy just pushed me aside and was grinding with his girlfriend, i just sat in the back crying. sophomore year i decided to do football again, i weighed at least 300+ pounds so i was picked on even when i kept up with the team i remember we had one last condition and two coaches were picking on me. one of the coaches said " hey fat-f*** pretend theres a cheeseburger at the end of the line" ignoring his rude comment i kept up with the rest. the other coach said to me " thats right move them ham hawks boy" so i quit because "No matter what i do, it never pays off" sophomore year was nothing but more misery, when summer came along i decided to work out, i had one and one motivation only "to get a girlfriend by losing wieght" when summer was over i was 290 and everyone commented on it, i was like finally this is gonna pay off. Still that year was miserable and still no girlfriend. if you read this far im impressed at the fact your still here, it means alot to me. junior summer was when i had no motivation to do anything, all i did was eat and play world of warcraft. when senior year started i quit that computer game, i thought to myself this is my last year this is my last chance. i met this once beautiful girl, she literally changed my world. she was beautiful inside and out. only she was a freshmen. we were great friends until she stopped talking to me for some odd reason. 3 months went by i wrote her a note telling her how i felt, she said she liked me too. i asked her out on that piece of paper. i never got it back. i tried to be friends again but she turned into a stuck up girly girl. months went by and still nothing. i never felt so miserable in my life. i met another girl, but she turned out to be whore. i dont mess with those type. graduation day came by, everyone was happy and excited to move on, i felt miserable and i had the worst suicidal thoughts during the ceremony. all high school was nothing but a painful memory leaving me with alot of social anxiety, lack of motivation and im gaining all my weight back. im in college now and its the same experience as high school only im getting fat and bald. i hate my life, and i know others may have it worse than me, this is the story of my life...


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By at 09,Nov,11 06:58

Two solutions:

Get skinny by dieting with motivation and patience

Stay fat and surround your-self with fat friends, find fat people online. There have to be fat people event out there waiting for you to join. Fatplasm rules!!!!

By anonymous at 09,Nov,11 21:55

I know a fat guy, and he has a really nice and beautiful girlfriend. She's not stuck up at all. The guy's really nice I can see why she likes him. They're both hard workers. You sound like a pretty nice person, so hopefully you'll find a girl in college. Just talk to your classmates, or join campus clubs...your niceness is bound to attract a nice girl. Hope the best for you!

By anonymous at 11,Nov,11 18:30

just lose wieght btw if you can afford it bosley and dont even worry about bpeople who make fun of you there a waste of energy keep your head high and look toward the future fuck those people who make fun of you if you follow thses ideas you'll feel better

By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 02:08

I would suggest not to bother so much about love life ...concentrate on your work leave the rest to God ...dont worry I am sure everything will improve ...if possible try to do some physical work like gardening if possible ,sweeping, cleaning ...movement of all body parts is very important ...mental and physical health becomes worse when we sit at only one place for extended periods (hours)...when you start to do physical work which is productive (preferably not exercise) you will notice that you are gradually becoming a better person overall ...physical work does not mean typing on a keyboard :)

By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 10:11

I'm about your age, 5'1" weigh about a hundred pounds, C cup boobs, size one pants, "hot." My last boyfriend was abusive, I have absolutely no friends and the only reason anyone would talk to me is to get laid. I'm also a very intelligent/nerdy type person but no one can see that past all of the physical "perfection" I hate everything about myself, including my looks. I wish I were fat or unattractive because then I'd be able to know that person liked my insides, not just the way my boobs bounce when I laugh.
By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 16:42

For what its worth, kuddos to you for being a girl who isnt enamored with her looks. Ive dated a few "hot" girls, as u put it, who couldnt care less about having personality and how it translated into a meaningful relationship. All they worried about was what they could leverage out of me with their looks. Nice to know theres girls out there who appreciate whats inside and the potential it can bring. Cheers

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 01:37

hay dude... move to New Zealand! We love all people! Doesn't matter if your fat or skinny, as long as your a good guy which you sound like a good dude then your sweet :) Come play Rugby... The Bigger The Better!

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 12:48

By anonymous at 15,Jan,12 18:21

Karma is a Bitch. You will get yours.

By anonymous at 04,Dec,11 04:59

I just want to say:
You are talking something that YOU CAN CHANGE, rather better than those miseries like person you love died.

I once had a teacher who was 100kg and running 10km per day for a month, then became just 70kg. He has a stange but great view of point: all you need is just runing 10 km per day, that is much simpler than the school or reading or calculating stuff

By Nike Soccer Shoes at 06,Sep,14 17:24

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