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fuck this life!

Posted by an ajian kid at March 1, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Family  2010 February  Juvenile problems

I'm a Chinese American 18 years old high school senior,I was born back in china, and now after some shithole decision my parents made I'm stuck here with my abusive mother with her financial problems....yea shes in debt, and worst of all, it's because of me coming here(she blame of course me, but I never decided to come here, she did), and she can never get over this thus I end up miserable everyday with a scarred body and a scarred mind, she calls me stupid and a liar, which were both false, I'm an straight A student and never really lies, sometime I wish I could clearify things, but when i did she'll punish me by saying I'm psychologically unstable, no wnder my stepdad is trying to leave her. yea, my famly's divorced for 17 years, my father remained in china and my mother here, and both of them got remarried, so I have 2 dad and two moms, and worst of all, they're all breaking up again, now I'll have 8 parents, fml.the breaking up is the easy part, but that they empty all their angers on me, blaming me to be the devil that caused all bad things, and tell everyone that, I tried to maintain my reputation as the ideal student(I had been almost-captain for football team and the class president in different period of times my time in highschool as well as maintaained a straight A grade, 4.0GPA and 2300 SAT. and I cared a hell alot about my reputation), but their stupidity always broke that up and I ends up as the laughing stock because of my stupid family, sometime I just wish all of them die!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 20:28

um your mom saved you from working in a sweatshop in a communist country, be greatful! And get a job.

By at 01,Mar,10 20:48

Hey, don't fret. Just remind yourself that you are a VERY smart young man and those grades WILL get you further in life. You'll have your own home your own career and your own money and you wont have to put up with your loud mother. Just TRY to bare it for a few more years OR since youre 18 years old you are at the legal age to move out. When you get to college, see if they can help you get a job so you can pay for Dorm rent.

You sound like you just really need to get out of the house and relieve yourself from people who keep putting you down for things that arent your fault.

I know it is hard but remind yourself that this will not be forever, it is only temporary. And again, be proud of your grades, i think i've only made a 4.0 ONCE in my life lol. But, maybe when you are alot older you should go back to your parents and explain to them how much they have hurt you and set the record straight that their problems were not yours nor were you the cause of it. sometimes parents do need to hear these words.

I know i've been hearing ALOT of cases where kids have taken their lives becuase their parents are just too hard on them but sometimes all those kids needed was advice from others or some sort of powerful words to convince them or encourage them to keep going.

I don't think there is anything you can do about your mother's behavior but if you get a chance to go back to China, GOO!!! if thats where you want to be, GO BACK! But in the meantime, try to stay out of your mother's way so she wont jump down your throat everytime she lays eyes on you.


By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 02:08

china doesnt only have sweat shops u fucking dumbass american. china is the most advanced country and has a humongus popularitie of people
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 17:11

China is communist and im not american YOU dumbass who seems to like to stereotype one country a certain way but not another... too bad it is a fact that the human rights in china and workers rights in china DO NOT exist yes there are people with better jobs, but there are people who work 15- 20 hour days with no days off. If it wasnt so then all our jobs wouldnt be going there, you ignorant asshole, OP go to China, go there, its polluted and full of injustice, youll love it.

By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 04:43

Just leave, and don't let them follow you! Don't leave a phone number, address, anything. Let them work out their problems on their own. See if you can get a scholarship for a school, or work and save up some money, or don't go to school at all.

By mary at 05,Mar,10 04:25

finish your studies and leave! Concentrate to get into college, be patient for a couple of years, maybe you could even skip a class if you are good.
Do not listen what she says, she doesn't know anything, she is just a sour person. She got pregnant of you, she fucked her life up, not you, nothing is your fault.
You are a good student, check maybe get a scholarship. DO NOT TALK TO HER! or as few as possible. Do not tell her who your friends are, not all of them at least.. in case things get bad at home, make sure she won't find you if you have to leave. Have a backup plan :)
You are smart, you will have a great future, study and make the best of it.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 00:29

suck itttttttt

By anonymous at 14,Mar,10 04:10

lol chinese

By anonymous at 10,May,10 02:14

well dont let you problem mam ruing you life, we are no perfect im very glad you are a good student, keep doing that for yourself, we cant decide who are our mothers or fathers but you are doing great with you school, congratulations to you for that, and keep doing that for your own good :)

By at 18,Dec,10 10:54

if i was u, i wold tide them up and go away...whatever i think it`s better for me...i left home when i was almost 18 and since then i`m in london, i`m almost 24 now :)...what i would suggest, do whatever the f*ck u want, not what someone tells u...taste the freedom son, don`t lock ur self at this age...BE GOOD !

By best pron at 25,Jun,19 21:47

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