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28 and overweight

Posted by Karen at October 2, 2011
Tags: Appearance  Health  2011 October  Relationship

I hate my life. I always have. Turning 28 in three days only makes me hate it more. Iím overweight, unhappy, and I feel like I just wanna curl up somewhere and die. Iíve always felt like an outcast. Ever since grade school, I was always the last one picked. Itís hard for me to make friends because of the number of times a so called ďfriendĒ stabbed me in the back or made comments about me behind my back. I canít, for the life of me, find a boyfriend, or even a date. Iíve tried online dating, but that turned into a disaster. The last guy I met online stood me up. I have trouble talking to guys. And when I do end up talking to them, itís usually because they want something from me, and then once theyíve gotten it, they high tail it out of there faster than the speed of light. I recently broke my leg, and ever since then, my health problems have escalated. Iím in constant pain, I canít exercise, and even the mention of ice puts me in a state of panic. Ever since then, Iíve been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. Iíve had problems with my menstrual cycle that make me fear going to the bathroom. And because of the fact that I couldnít deal with my depression, my last two friends dropped me like a rock because the just didnít want to deal with me anymore. My family constantly picks on me about one thing or another, usually my weight or my lack of a boyfriend or my lack of a social life. Itís a struggle to get up every day and face myself in the mirror because all I see is this disgusting, fat, ugly being that doesnít deserve to live. Iím beginning to wonder why I was even put on this earth if every day Iím stuck feeling like I donít belong.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 08:08

After you look into the mirror, how about you remind yourself.. †that how you precieve yourself in your head, is totally invisible from someone elses mind. It's only then you'll realized that maybe, your not that bad at all, and you DO BELONG. Then, you'll slowly start to get the drive to be more active in both exerise and social life.

Sorry about the jerks you encounter. But look at it as in you ARE desired. I can't even get girls to look at me (I'm a male btw) and guess what? I'm under wieight, so don't think over wieght is an issue. And now you LEARNED what to look for when you encounter another jerk.

Happy birthday, Karen! I turned 28 myself two days after made this post. :) and Goodluck.

Sicerely, anonymous loser from the west coast.†

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 16:34

I dont know if anything will ever change in your life but just loose the weight.
By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 00:20


By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 19:16

I am not going to try to console you or minimize your pain. What you feel is real. But you've got a choice and a say in your life that not everyone on here does.
Start small. Make healthy choices. Each day will pass whether or not you make changes. A year can pass and you can be the same unhappy person or you can make the commitment to change your lifestyle and that same year will pass but you will have changed for the better.
If you have access to the Internet (which obviously you do) you have all the resources you need to learn how to live a healthier life. And an endless supply of support starting with me.
Read anything you can by Gregg Avedon, he will teach you how to eat. As for exercise I swear that for the body that most people profess to want you don't need a gym membership but you do need mental toughness. Push-ups as many as you can do and each day do 1 more. I started out only able to do 10 (it might be less for you don't give up) I am able to do 60 in a minute and have done as many as 1000 in a day. Sit-ups, same thing. As you lose weight chin-ups & pull-ups but those come much later. Walking, briskly (you should not be able to carry a conversation) 1/2 an hour a day to start as you lose weight transition to running. DO NOT STEP ON A SCALE!!! It is your mortal enemy and will only discourage you.
Do this for yourself and you will see that people will treat you differently. But most importantly you will feel better about being you.
By Tony at 22,Nov,11 19:18

Sorry my post was as "anonymous", but my name is Tony. I meant to tell you that.
By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 00:25 Fold Up


By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 21:39

You need to start loving yourself and stop being your worse enemy .
I do NOT think your ready for dating . Clearly your not ready emotionally and mentally .
You need to change your out look in life or you will scare everyone you meet away .
Face t negative people are toxic and that is why your friends left you !!
You have the power to change your way of thinking ...

Go read a book called " Battlefield of the Mind "
By Joyce Meyer ..
Go read it !!
Here is her website

You will be so grateful once you do ..
If you don't have the money to buy the book then call your local library and request for it .

If you really want change your life , then take the first step and get the book and your life will forever change ...

Take care , because people do care , sometimes you do not see it but there there reaching out to help those who are hurting .

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