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Posted by Gwern Jones 14 yrs old at October 15, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 October

I was depressed from ages 11-13 had to see a therapist starting to feel better but now I have discovered that women find me repulsive and I feel like I'm destined to be alone.
I really like this girl that I barely know but I cant talk to her for 2 reasons

1.I'm scared that she'll shoot me down and get angry and never want to talk
2.I'm sacred of scaring her away

And to top it all off people think I'm gay because I straighten my hair and also I think I have halitosis which I think means constant bad breath which makes both those reasons my women troubles even worse.
I have often thought about suicide and I know everyone calls it the cowards way out but as I see it, it takes real courage to take that step and no one would do it if they thought there was nothing else left for them on this earth. But when I read these other stories they make my problems seem tiny so I hope the best for everyone else and I will find an answer to my problems and I'll get back to you.
Thank you for reading my story


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By anonymous at 03,Dec,11 23:25

you sound too young to be thinking of women (girls) right now. i'm glad parents let your see a therapist which means they care very much for you and want you to get through your problems. please, please don't take your life because you don't know what you would be missing. i know of someone that was like you at that age and now has a spouse and kids. please let yourself grow up.
you are a sweetie!

By anonymous at 04,Dec,11 02:47

same i like a girl but i beat myself up too much so unless shes talking alot i think she hates me and is annoyed and just wants me to leave her alone, this crushes any of my courage. also im almost positive my parents think im gay as my mom bought me a rainbow striped shirt and they asked me if i had found a new partner lately (they used to ask if i had found a nice girl lately) and i am 100% NOT GAY (nothing against gays just not one myself) i just need something to change for the better soon

By anonymous at 05,Dec,11 17:48

Nothing wrong with straightening your hair, loads of guys do it. Fucking hell. I've straightened mine for 3 - 4 years and girls love it. Just make sure you do it right, your hairstyle might just look like shit. Get some proper hair products talk to your local hairdressers and make sure your hair is perfect.

Also brush your teeth and tongue and all over your mouth, not just your teeth, use mouth wash and have the odd mint during the day. Maybe that'll sort out that problem. If not then you may have this issue then go see a doctor and stop complaining. They'll prescribe something and it'll be sorted.

By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 22:43

I'm 14 and hate life also. We have a lot in common. Girls think ima complete loser and dork nerd, I hate them. I want to kill them. And religion is such bullshit.

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