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my life at the moment

Posted by greafster at March 10, 2010
Tags: Addictions  Drugs  2010 March

I am 30 years old and started smoking green at about 18. Even though i finished high school i wasnt relly interested in it. I starting sufing and skating and excelled at both, going in comps and life was great. I was introduced to selling green on the side and making money, then i started groing it hydrponically where i started to make shitloads of money. My family was totally against it, i am palestinain and my family are siblings are university ia am like the black sheep. Getting into the selling green scene introduced me to other drugs..meth, extasy, coke..which meant fast cash, fast girls, and partying all night. However, this also meant being around some very hard people..bikies, asian and middle eastern gangs members..i wasnt part of any gang, i was doing it with a couple close friends but aminly on my i had to take lots of precaurtions and staying strapped (carrying a gun).
After a few years of this, the drugs started to take its toll on my mind and body..paranoia, lack of sleep, just skitzn in general. After being up for three days on eggs and coke, i was introduced to heroin to take the edge off and get some rest. From there my life went down hill..i didnt think just smoking it would get me addicted..but it did..I blew about $100,000 in a year and a half, and started getting sloppy with my hydroponic business. I finally got caught last year with 50 plants indoor, and about 20 pound of green. With the verfy real possibilty of jail time, i opted to go to drug court, which involves home detention and regular piss tests for 6months. I look at it as a positive as ive now been clean for 2months and am getting my life back.
The moral of this story is that money and drugs do not make you i know i was taking drugs to mask deeper issues..and there is a better way to live going to university this year doing environmental science which i have always been passionate about.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 11:37

I did not read your entire story, but I think this is a wise lesson for everyone.

By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 18:07

Dtugs are a cover up that usually end up making whatever your problems are worse, plus they are so harmful to your body, and you only get one. Look at Corey Haim the man died today due to drug overdose I am happy you chose to not become another statistic. Going to school, reaching your full potential, working hard and enjoying what is good in life like friends, music, love that is where it is at... not drugs

By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 18:09

Continue to walk the straight line. Go back to drugs and your next stop might be prison or the morgue.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 12:03

What are you doing about those "deeper issues"?

I hope you are in counseling of some kind. If not, then you are setting yourself up for a big fall.

Now you may think all is fine, but what about tomorrow if there is trouble? Face it or turn to the drugs again?

You need professional help. If you have it fine, but if not then seek it PLEASE.

Love the Psych Doc

By anonymous at 07,May,10 05:15

Great. More marijuana propaganda spouted by an irresponsible lout who now wants to shove his newfound "morality" down the throats of others. It was not the green's fault. It was your own fault.
By t at 16,Aug,10 22:59

Great. Another pro-marijuana guy who thinks that the legalization of a very psychoactive drug that works on one of the most widespread and unknown receptor systems of the brain is a great idea.

My interpretation of this story is that it doesn't so much blame the bad decisions (on pot) but rather to explain them (the proximity effects and so on).

Given the lack of judgement I think it is the best evidence yet that "green" can disturb your brain, or were you a douche before?
By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 02:28

Great. Another scholar wanna be that wants to put everyone in their respective circles and squares. I know many successful people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis and whose lives are magnificent. Extremely!! And I know many marijuana smokers whose lives are not as extravagant but are still fine. The ones that take it as far as ruining their lives by smoking pot, are only using that excuse because they cant force themselves to point the finger AT themselves. Take some goddamn accountability!

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