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Posted by Blue Bug at October 24, 2011
Tags: Job  Money  2011 October

I have been reading a few books about the importance of energy and how to set up sort of a "blockade" to thwart off negative energy. I find that whenever I am reading these books, that thinking positively about your current situation is much easier said than done.
I lost my job a couple of days ago because about 2 weeks ago my boss hired his mistress to run the place and disrespect us by demanding us around. I finally had enough of her condescending attitude towards me and my coworkers and stood up for myself and basically because of that I was terminated (to make a long story short).
The job was nothing special to me because it was in the food industry which is fine but I had grown tired of working in food a long time ago however it was the only position that I could get 5 months ago. Still, it would have been nice to work for employers who viewed me as a human as opposed to a robot.
Now I currently have just the one job where I am getting minimum wage and only 2 shifts a week to work.

My bank account is really starting to shrink now and I have student loans to pay back.

I would like to know when things are going to start to look up. I spent four years in college only to get out, go through numerous of interviews and only get hired by food service employers even though I sent hundreds of apps and resumes to entry level positions pertaining to my major and office clerk positions.

Not only that, but I'm living with my mom again. I love my mom and I am very thankful but I dreamed of having my own after graduating college. I have been working since I was 16 and one would think that I would have a good bit of money saved up but everytime I save money, my car breaks down with a major problem.

It is so difficult for me to appreciate the now when it seems that everything is going the complete opposite of how I dreamed it would go at 23.

I feel selfish because there are people going through hardships much worse but sometimes it's just hard to really smile.


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By anonymous at 07,Dec,11 03:09

I know exactly how you feel. I graduated from college few months ago and still haven't found a real real job. No one seems to want to hire me!! I've been at my shitty retail job for four years and still gets few cents above minimum wage! It sucks soooo much...

By j1moneymaker at 17,Dec,11 01:22

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By Yhasmin at 13,Sep,12 18:49

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