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Posted by (-= at March 16, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 March

started cuttin myself bout 2 years ago still do parents wont stop yellin at me and wont except my girlfriend tried to kill myself too many times deppressed confused tired worn out all I have left is my girlfriend and my parents are doing all they can to keep her away from me my older brothers a drugee my little bro is annoyinng and never shuts up and I just feel dead inside.(-8


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By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 20:13

Cutting yourself means you don't like yourself. Maybe instead of the selfish destruction of your body you should find a way to enrich your soul and become a better person.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 22:19

Cutting: Wow!! I know people who cut. In my opinipon, for some people it is a pain release, for others it is a means to get someone's attention,and you know, sometimes, the people with the most limited vision, are those who are in your household everyday. I think for others, they are now aware of other meas to express their pain, and this is a part of their life that they can control. The bottom line is that cutters need to get help. My concern is that
the next slit may not be superficial and someone could really die. Young people who are cutting, the scares will be there forever as a reminder, and then you are too embarassed as an adult to try to explain them. If this person is cutting because he can't see his girlfriend.He really needs to retink this. First of all, people will know that their is something psychologically wrong, and secondly, if you are no longer on the planet, that same girl will move on with her life. Be smart and wait. There is a way to have what you want if it is really meant for you. Stop cutting. Start thinking!!!
By (-= at 18,Mar,10 11:26

wow out of all the people that have told me wrong shit that was the worst I dont cut because I cant see my girl I love her I cut because I enjoy it. Ive been thinking for too long and my thoughts scare the hell out of me but yet I like them )-8 (-8
By robbie at 19,Mar,10 18:53

the same with me. I cut myself cause I enjoy it . Why? I don't know.
By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 02:54 Fold Up

Do remember I wrote "if" this person is cutting because he can't see his girlfriend, I didn't say that was the actual reason you are cutting. But one thing, I am glad that you explained to me the reason that you do cut. You say that you enjoy cutting, what triggered this behavior?
Are you seeing a therapist? Do you think they could benefit you? You stated that you "LOVE" your girlfriend, does she know that you cut, and if so, what does she say?
I realy want to understand.. and thanks for reading my comment even if you did say it was to worst. I do apologize to you.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 05:51

awesome cut that huge vein on the side of your neck!

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