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kill myself march 30th 2010

Posted by kill me now at March 19, 2010
Tags: 2010 March  Money  Poverty

im very angry of myself because im stupid.
i have lost all my riches. 5 yrs ago i was making money with my business in real estates. i had everything money can buy. i had 3 properties in a very prestige locations. little that i know my spending got out of hand and realized im drowning in debt over $2.5 M including the properties. just for the credits cards i owed $250,000. 2 yrs ago the real estate and economy went down and i came down with it. i filed bancrupcy, repo all cars, foreclosed all properties. i end up having nothing. nobody trust me anymore even my friends that once before i had money they were around and know me, but now they dont even want to look at me. i have a job, im selfemployed but i don't seem profiting because i can't pay my bills. my wife left me because im poor now. when we got married 7 yrs ago she did not work at all. it's 4:37 am and i cant sleep because of too much problems. im in a garage sleeping on the floor together with junk and insects crowling on my face. im very poor now. now my business is not making money anymore. im in miscerable life. have not eaten yet cant spend now saving money for gas tomorrow. ill see you all in hell.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Mar,10 20:15

Hell is a ficticious place, so I don't visit it! Easy come, easy go. Bet you once thought you were the shit and treated poor people like garbage. Now you are the poor person. Best wishes!

By anonymous at 19,Mar,10 21:35

just buy the gas for your car and park it inside the garage and start the engine and go to sleep..... Permanantly!!!

By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 04:21

don't listen to these sounds like this is a time in your life that God is testing you. you have the free will to make the changes in your life to improve it day by day. how ever long it takes you'll come out a better person in the end for it. sometimes it takes having nothing to realize what having something is worth. there is always something to live for buts its your inner self that will find what that reason is. you've been through the worse of it and yet here you are. suicide is a selfish and cowardly thing that leaves pain and anguish inside those you love. taking away your life will effect them for the rest of theirs and torment them forever. is that realy how you want to be remembered? or you could quit feeling sorry for yourself and beat your testaments in life gaining wisdom from your trials in life and come out happy and prosperous again.
By anonymous at 21,Mar,10 20:04


By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 04:25

look at the post under yours

By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 20:54

don't listen to that jesus freak ^^^^^^^^^^ just park your car in the garage and start the engine, make sure the garage door is closed tight and no windows.
By anonymous at 21,Mar,10 07:23

How rude you are...

By anonymous at 21,Mar,10 20:11

I think there is a big lesson to learn here. Just becuase you don't have money doesnt mean your life is completely over. I think you were TOO comfortable with the fact that you were rich and money just became your life. You bought too much stuff (you dont really need other properties or a kazillion cars unless you have a big famliy) and it is always important to save money just incase something like THIS may happens.

Now you still have your business going and it MAY pick back up soon. But its a good thing that this happened to you becuase NOW look at how many people abandoned you. they were only with you because of one reason, becuase you had all that money. Your good-for-nothing wife left you instead of getting off her lazy butt and jumping into the workface to HELP you, your friends abandoned you when you probably needed them more than ever. So in a way, losing money has set you free of people who never really respected you. But its a funny thing becuase when you get back on your feet and fill your wallet with thousands again, their gonna come crawling back like nothing happened.

Look, as someone already stated, i suggest you give your money to God and let him help you back on your feet. but quit buying all this stuff that you KNOW you don't need. ONE car and ONE house is enough for ONE man.
By anonymous at 22,Mar,10 17:29

don't give your money to God, aka church, the priest will just blow it on some young alter boy for sex
By anonymous at 22,Mar,10 19:53

Thats called Tithing, if i spelled it right. I mean handing over his trust in God and letting God take care of his finance for him.

By anonymous at 30,May,10 04:07

Assuming your still around... No one can change things for you, except you! i'm not a Believer, but I've been schooled over and over again. I'm like Job. I've had everything and I've had nothing, and either way all you really have is yourself. Money is just a great bribe so others will like you. In reality, it doesn't mean anything. You need to dig deep and find your soul, your character, your essence. Look at it honestly and if you don't like it, decide to change it...your values, your ethics, your view of things. One step at a time, one hour at a time, one change at a time.

By matzcrorkz at 03,Aug,14 19:33

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By matzcrorkz at 04,Aug,14 21:10

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