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I Feel Trapped

Posted by Daniel at December 7, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Poverty  Relationship

Where to begin.

I am 23 years old, a virgin, have an STD, no insurance, live with my parents, both are laid off, my dad has had multiple strokes and can't work or function great, my mom is depressed, my 18 year old brother had a kid on accident and isnt being responsible for it bc he is scared, my 24 year old sister had a kid a few years go on accident and is pregnant again and hasn't finished school, I have never had a true GF, I can't keep a girl for very long, I feel like I don't fit in, I am thousands in debt, my credit is trashed, I haven't been doing well in school, the best person I ever knew died from cancer 7 years ago, my family is so poor we struggle to even pay electricy or gas bills, and to make matters even worse, the girl I like a lot has likely been using me this entire time, she goes to school 12 hrs away, apparently according to her bf she has told her that she doesnt want to ever be with me, but when confronted about it tells me thats not necessarily true and lieks me more than a friend but is afraid of another long distance relationship b/c of a bad past experience, i found out that she and a guy were hookin up and kinda talking when she was back at school yet she wont even as much as kiss me anymore, yet she acts like she likes me sometimes cuddling with me and all that shit and wanting to hang out all the time. I feel like my chest is going to explode, I can't sleep well, I think about her everday, I am a masochist, I can't trust people, and even though I feel like that girl has been decieving me a lot I can;'t let her go. =(


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 23:17

Daniel, I'm sorry about these things that are happening to you. You sound like you are a strong person to have made it this far. You need to make a decision. You need to choose to change your life. You stay with this girl because you have NOTHING else. And guess what? She probably wants to leave you for that same reason. Get your shit together man. It's going to be hard...really hard. But it will be rewarding. I was once like you. I decided to stop blaming my life on things that happened. I decided to change my luck. I simply tried harder at life. It took time, but I never gave up. I failed a few times and felt like giving up, but I never did. It will get better, my friend. You aren't alone. Make changes. Be confident. Be a man. Stand up for yourself to your girlfriend. Stand up TO yourself and do better for yourself. Get a job. Pay off your debts. Meet someone that makes you want to be a better person.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,12 06:51

Sorry, excuse me if ive missed something, but i have to come right out and say it: How do you have an STD if you are a virgin? Im not being disrespectful, i just need that explained.

By anonymous at 14,Jan,12 03:53

hey man....been in the same girl situation. just let her go. shes not worth it. if she cared she would help you and care for you. you are strong. believe in yourself and all will be better with time : )

By at 18,Jan,12 05:45

I also have to no how you can have an STD if you are a virgin... And also try listening to the song by Beck it is called.... Looser.. And watch yes man with Jim Carry

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