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Posted by anonymous at March 28, 2010
Tags: 2010 March  Philosophical

OK, first of all whats the point in life...A=Nothing, Have some self awareness people, we are nothing except the dumb inhabitants of this planet thats slowly falling to pieces, pinch yourself now...go on do it...whats that? pain, transmitted by the nervous system to the brain...ya see thats all we are just abit of organs in abit of tissue made to believe where something big or we was put here for some reason, but yaknow what where NOT! My life sucks ass so much that i just want to die, commit suicide, its some serious shit people, would an animal commit suicide? no because they are not under all this stress that we go through in modern society, me being as i am, with severe anxiety disorder, cant get through my day without fearing something or building up tension, ok...ok...listen up, my mom died when i was 12? sad eh? she was in the same room as me...i heard a massive gargling sound and turned on the light, there she was stone cold, probably actually dont know how that feels until youv gone through it, the tension in your body...jesus...its...electrifying. i felt like i was ready to beat the shit outta anyone that got in my way, enough of that...we went to the hospital, the nurse said "im sorry but a mam has passed away this evening" she said it like it was nothing...honestly i felt like slappin that bitch up...anyway after that..LIFE F***** anxiety went sky high, i have since dropped out of school, now get home tutored because of my problems, iv sent death threats to people, iv become a monster, man you dont actually know how shit my life is now, and how could i blame it on my mom dieing? i mean wtf am i meant to do. ill probably end up commiting suicide or the hell i ended up like this is all why life sucks.


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By anonymous at 28,Mar,10 12:29

It is really sad that your mom died so unexpectedly. Ask yourself if your mom would want you to fall apart like you have. Ask yourself what your mom would want you to do. She would want you to move on and make something of yourself. She would not want you to throw your life away. Death is a natural part of life. Everyone will eventually pass, you cannot avoid it. What you can do is make the most of the time you have between birth and death. You probably need some grief counseling if you can't get back on track by yourself. Pull it together and make your mother proud. Good Luck!

By CloviaBel at 21,Sep,11 08:11

Your mother would be the one grieving if she knew how you suffered now, she wouldn't of wanted your life to be ruined, giving you life would of been the most meaningful thing in the world to her, with you she would of felt life was worth living,
She would of felt the meaning of life through being a mother, She wouldn't want you to resent the gift she gave you, I can't imagine how hard it is, and I know you heard her death rattle, thats what the gargking sound of a corpse is called, I know you can never forget the sound, but the only thing worse for her then knowing your pain would be knowing she is the cause.
Take it from a mother, Even bad mothers love the children, I can feel your mother is there with you surrounded by angels, Her pain won't go until your ok, lay down, breath in deep 1,2,3,4 out 2,3,4 over and over, you'll feel her presence again, let her try to heal you, she wants too, She knows there is so much you can do in this world and all the reasons you deserve to be loved and happy.
Let her in, heal each other

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 16:37

i go through the same thing i feel like a loser ive done realy bad things and heck im 11 year old boy and ive seen breast more than you think how about this theres a song i listen to that helps, find the english version of a song called closer made by inoue Joe it helps
By anonymous at 18,Sep,12 03:57

My life sucks I get bullied and one day my mum told
Me a story where my dad never wanted me he was
Going to kill me when I was still in my mums tummy
The only reason I'm still alive because I was born two
Weeks early sometimes I wish I wasn't born early no
Ones gets the pane I feel they never grew up this way
How would they know how it feels my sometimes I feel
Like i never been loved never been loved by my own
Parents really hurts no one else gets it feel like my mum
Never loved me either and I'm only 12 years old

By anonymous at 30,May,12 20:42

everyone goes through shit in there life, taken your life is not going to change a darn thing you wana pick your self up brush urself down and carry on and show ur mom that she has a child to be proud of...
By anonymous at 12,Jul,12 02:23

what a load of bull

By Yhuenyhuen at 13,Sep,12 14:07

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By crorkz at 15,Jan,15 23:15

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