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Damn it all

Posted by anonymous at December 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Money  Poverty

This isn't going to be the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone, but for me, it's fucking hell. I'm 25, and just 2 years ago, I exited the Marine Corps honorably, moved to be closer to family, got a crap job to get things started, and found a barely-reliable car to get me to work for a year or so, until I could afford to get a better, safer one. Fast forward to today... I struggle to pay the rent every month, and probably won't have a place to live come New Years. I can't save enough money to get a car that is reliable in any sense of the word, much less eat more than once a day. I owe my step-father almost 500 dollars, and either way he thinks that I am lazy and unreliable. As I said earlier, I can only eat once a day, sometimes not at all, in order to have enough money to pay rent for the month. I was never good at school, barely got my diploma in high school, and am just getting off acedemic probation from the local community college. I used to be an MMA fighter who was proud of what I'd accomplished. Now I feel like an abused dog limping on the road and nobody is willing to help. I'm tens of thousands of dollars in debt, soon to be homeless, haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years, no self confidence or self esteem, family isn't willing or able to help, and my friends can't or won't help either. My current roommates either smoke and sell weed and live beyond their means, or drink themselves into nightly comas while living like hermits with no contact with the outside world except through facebook. The biggest problem with that, is that I feel myself becoming that way, and I don't know how much longer I can maintain sanity or health if this keeps up. No money, fucking useless car, part time job as a rent-a-cop, no food, and about to be homeless... Thanks alot God, you really do look out for those in need... asshole


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 16:23

Hey I'm in the army been in for a year all I have to say is that either sighing up again or possibly go to the church tell them your situation

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 18:37

WOW..reading that made me feel as if i wrote it myself. Sucks when your a good person and bad things just constantly happen to you. I think sometimes i need a freaking break. but all you can do is keep fighting and don't give up. Good will come to you and hopefully all of us who DESERVE it!! :)

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 23:42

Sound horrible. Lost my job today. Don't use a temp service. They make money on finding u a job. Its cheaper for a company to higher through temp service because they don't have to provide insurance etc they would have to provide a regular employee. After an evaluation period usually 60 to 90 days they have to determine whether to hire or not. I call this the rotation. Out with old and in with the new. Company says no thanks. Send me another temp and lets start over. Company still saving money, temp service still making money off of your ass, and you're back to square one... UNEMPLOYEED. Don't trust anyone... or anything. Nothing is more important than YOU. Our country has failed us. They use u to profit so give them the same in return.

By at 27,Jan,12 00:52

Whatever it takes, we have to be hopeful. Times can be tough and hard at times but losing your God-given hope is the ultimate failure. we have to be strong and remain hopeful no matter what it takes or how long.

By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 07:49

Sounds a bit weird but: I would get rid of your car entirely, it uses so much money and you may think you can't live without it but I'm sure there is a way. There are much better things to spend the money on that you have...
And do try to keep hoping for better times, sometimes something unexpected may come along.

By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 09:11

Not being good at school just means you have to spend more time focusing on it, whether it be a trade school or college. I know that was me, now i have a degree in finance and a stable job. Luck is being prepared when an opportunity becomes available. Check in to social programs, food stamps, section 8 housing, veterans affairs. Sell the car get a van, you can at least sleep in there discreetly while putting your plan in action. Everybody is having a hard time. You're a Marine put on your big boy pants and improve yourself...don't be a victim. Peace brother.

By at 27,Jan,12 11:06

Go re-enlist unless you have a dissability that will disqualify you for service a second time.

By anonymous at 07,Feb,12 01:23

Tell your step-dad to kiss your a#$. Older people had it easy and don't understand how hard it is now. A lot of us have 2 jobs and still aren't financially independent because we don't make enough and everything is too expensive. This is why people riot all over the world.

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 22:03


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