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What is the meaning of all this ?

Posted by anonymous at January 21, 2012
Tags: 2012 January  Philosophical

So what's the point ? I mean really unless your born with incredible genetics for talent or amazing good looks and personality which most of us are not, life is going contain a lot of suffering. From broken relationships to not been able to get that job you want or simply in my cause just make some money from doing the one thing i LOVE most in this world .. Making music.. I look around this world and see suffering everywhere .. Starving children, war , crime , greed, selfishness and I say to myself what's the point ? If there is a creator?, why did he/she make all this and if so do they just stand by and watch all this and just not do anything. I know I couldn't watch. I was raised a catholic but find it impossible to believe in a fairy tail. Why would the creator only come to this earth at the one time that no one had much intelligence , recording devices to spread his word with proof ? In my country alone 600 people commit suicide this year so far. I hate to be harsh but that's not a successful creation when its own creations can't bear to live. So my question is what's the point on this daily struggle ?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 22:48

well I guess the simple things like to see, hear, taste and be healthy is worth living for. life is a gift? You only have one of it?
By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 22:51

you dont have to put faith into a God in a book, your putting faith on something that can't be heard but makes you a better person. Religion and people help each other with pain by searching god. by searching a ends to pain and ends to guilt or whatever. Be a good person for yourself and not for god, for you. And maybe god will understand if so.
By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 22:53

a future - survival of species - a worlds end. Either way were designed to survive eventually something will cease to live.

By anonymous at 09,Feb,12 04:42

To look at life and only see a bleak, dreary world and continuentonexist despite the dark way the world looks is the reason why the Creator put you here. It is a test to see if you can still believe in a larger connectedness/ consciousness (be it a God or nature or what have you) despite the way the world looks on the surface. Those that live on this earh contribute to its vitality by simply existing. Imagine a spiderweb covered in dew drops in the sun. Each drop is clear yet it appears iridescent because the surface catches and reflects the light of the other dew drops. The individual color of each dew drop depends on the others. People are like the dew drops; our individual existence is our own yet we also are part of nature and without each one of us nature looks a little bit different. If you want to see an immediate example of your individual impact on the world, go train a shelter dog (via volunteering or foster/adoption or whateve works). If you teach a dog something, you improve its life by a little bit, and the lives of anyone who mees the dog later. If you teach it a lot of somethings you could save it's life and possibly another person's as well (ie train it to sniff for bombs/seizures/etc). There are prisons that have programs where inmates can train dogs to be service dogs and the inmates apparantly do better (whatever that means) by having a dog to train, so even if life is as hellish as prison apparantly a dog can improve it. Btw if you dont like dogs, pretty muh any animal can be trained even plants the results are up to you

By anonymous at 09,Feb,12 04:45

The energy in your post is fierce i be. It would fuel a great piece of music

By anonymous at 09,Feb,12 19:27

He made the world like this for His kicks. The world is nothing but a giant edition of True TV for God.

By anonymous at 09,Feb,12 21:04

i can't claim to know the "point"...but one thing I know is that yes, you are right there is are horrible awful things in this world, however, undeniably there are also some very good and amazing things. They coexist. In my humble opinion, I think that in order to contribute to the world, and also to feel good about yourself and your purpose here, you can of course, acknowledge the bad, but need to find something that you can do that is good. If you love music-don't need to tell you, a very competitive field, where many talented folks don't get to make their main living- you can use your gift-paid or not, by, maybe, exposing young children to your music at the local library. You would get to play and also help develop young minds in general, and their appreciate for music. Or you could do the same for some lonely, bored senior citizens at a rest home - or both! You could end up touching and positively impacting many, many peoples lives while enjoying what you love. Just an idea...If you need a purpose at work, well, can try to get work at a non-profit org whose mission you support. If you need to make more $ than non-prof can pay--you can help this world by being kind and friendly and taking the time to talk to those that you work with and/or clients each day. Take a genuine interest in them. Because, chances are, however "together" they look, they likely have struggles in their lives and sometimes a caring and friendly, positive person in their lives, a smile, could make their outlook that day better. You can make a difference. You won't change the whole world probably, but even impacting a few people in a good way is a worthwhile thing.

By at 21,Mar,13 00:57

i too see all of the evil in the world and cannot understand it. i also feel that religion in every way fails to answer any question yet demands total devotion and blind faith. i do know one thing though. its an old saying that simply put if there was no good then there would be no bad and vise versa. and this is soo true. there has to exist in this world a spectrum if you will. and well it just simply isn't possible to have all good and no bad. a perfect world if you will otherwise there would be no understanding of bad and conversely there would be no good because it would just be one thing good would become "the way it is". the key in wisdom and health is to minimize the bad and maximize the good in this world and well as we all well know that is easier said then done. just make tons of money, be sucessful at what you love to do, fall in love, raise a happy family and live happily ever after. lol or die trying like the rest of us. DONT GIVE UP

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