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Ads: think YOUR life sucks? Read just ONE of MY stories & then MAYBE youll be GRATEFUL for your "shitty life".

Posted by BexRae at February 5, 2012
Tags: Death  2012 February

Hello...My name is Bex. Im from Minnesota & im 30. Here goes: U think your life sucks, well read some of MY misfortunes & maybe youll be a little more appreciative of your own life. #1: my grandpa dies. #2. two months later my DAD dies (9 months ago) & i had to sit DAILY & slowly watch him die before me. Then i had to cremate him, his urn now sits in my home. #3: add a crippling drug addiction to the mix, which everyone shuns you for, even though youre only human. #4: have a sick mother you care for on a daily basis & cry yourself to sleep every fucking night cuz youre afraid youre gonna lose her next AND find out ur 27yr old brother is going to die because of HIS drug addiction that caused an irreversible condition (talk shit & i SWEAR ill hurt you) . #5: carry the weight of your ex beating & raping you into your next relationship to the point where its ruined so much of what youve built together that its no longer fixable. #6: become agoraphobic because you suffer from chronic pain to the point where it hurts to even itch your own skin, & cuz of that pain u have no friends & never make plans or leave ur apartment. i lost my friends over this & the fact that i developed a drug addiction from having to be medicated for my chronic pain. #7: add depression & panic disorder AND losing 8 people in 4yrs to said addiction & tell me ur addiction & pain wouldnt get worse over time. LOOK, i know some have it worse than i do BUT dont come here & bitch & moan about how ur roomate makes u mad, or how ur life sucks cuz some girl or guy doesnt like u. BE HAPPY ur alive & have friends & people that DO care about u. U know wtf i mean? losing my father was the WORST thing ive EVER been through & being an addict means im probably gonna die, cuz im too fucking depressed to do anything about it. its NO excuse, its just my life & what ive become. i stumbled upon this site & i feel VERY bad for some of u, but some complaints here just piss me the fuck off. get out & have fun & LIVE while u have the chance!!!. my life ended years ago. my story here, today, is only a FRACTION of what ive actually been through. this last year has been the worst year of my entire life. maybe another time ill write more about my past, that way u all will understand what has hardened me so. to whoever read my post & understands...thank you for your time. im VERY sorry if i offended anyone, i simply mean, INSTEAD of complaining about trivial matters, like ur sister stealing ur clothes, (shit like that) --actually LOOK & REALIZE & CARE (at & about) wtf others deal with DAILY. i hope ive made sense & didnt come off as snarky. NOT my intention. u all have some great stories, even though some are very sad. thanks for reading just a TIDBIT of my life & my problems :) im sure ill talk to u all again some other time. xoxo -Bex from Minnesota-


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New Comment

By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 21:00

You know drug addiction is only as strong as th person is weak. All be everyone has their own vice there's ways to get around it even tweakers the scum of the earth can change their lives. You just have to be stronger than your addiction.
You atleast have a true reason to be down and aren't complaining about some petty problems like som people do.
By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 15:29

you have a lot of gall calling someone with an addiction the scum of the earth. Look around at our society. no wonder people crave escape and form addictions. the scum of the earth are the people so high up on the pyramid that they dont realize what everyone else is going through.
By anonymous at 19,Feb,12 17:55

Truth hurts and it is true drug addiction is only as strong as the person is a COWARD. Some people cannot bear a DAY of sobriety. Its hard to drug fiends to elicit sympathy from those of us who have been sober for decades.

The people on the top of the pyramid are the biggest drug users of all. In fact they are responsible for the distribution of it.
By anonymous at 19,Feb,12 22:42 Fold Up

The point is that tweakers are pieces of shit they do anything and everything for that next hit it's not really their fault thought its the drug called meth that is to blame meth can turn the best person you have ever met into the biggest asshole in the world.
Plus the government and pharmaceutical companies make billions a year on addictions that they feed. "got a problem take a pill smoke this inject that" yada yada. It never stops it's the circle of drugs.
But yes tweaked are scum if your willing to sell a toddler for 5 bucks or run up and kill a person just to get a hit then you deserve death and that's the merciful judgment. Tweakers=scum

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