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Posted by anonymous at April 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Attitude  Loneliness  Society

Ive always been categorized as a "lonely guy", by anyone that knows me: friends, family, classmates etc... Everyone thinks that i love to be that way, always... lonely. That i have a "fuck you world" in my front always, and such...

BUT, its not that i have a problem with the world...
its the world that always seems to have problems with me :[

Whenever im walking on the street, always people gave me that weird look of that "weird guy" thats going there... Always that im walking close to some girls, they laught at me for being skinny... couse of my skinny arms etc :[

All this support my feeling that i will never match with a girl, EVER.
And that shit got me depressed from a long time ago, actually last year i reprobed all my stuff in college couse of my deep depression. Almost lost my scholarship last year, and dunno rlly if this year i can definitively take it back... without it, i dunno the fuck im going to do...

About to lose my house couse of a fucking earthquake, so theres no place to go if that happens. But the worst thing for me, is not feeling love, i dont really know what the fuck its "love", couse of the lack of it, most of my life has been very lonely.

I try to improve my life, but always theres something wrong showing up and fucking me over, cant find a girl to match at all, cant even find some good friends that supports me. Ive been always strong with all my problems but just having the wole world thinking shit about u, sucks... not getting help from someone... its just fucking stupid that most of ppl are senseless douchebags. I always have the will of helping other ppl, supporting whoever need it, and such but nobody help me, support me, love me...

fucking world idk if tomorrow i will wake up or not, everyday i just want to killmyself, or die someway saving someone life, so that person whoever its have another chance to change his fucking life and i take his ticket to getting out of this fucking world.... fffffffffff


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By anonymous at 01,May,10 18:47

Sorry about your situation friend. Maybe you are shy because of being self concious about yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Realize that we are all different in different ways. Some people are different in the way they look, others in the way they behave. There really is no normal type of person. Work on your self image and learn to like yourself. Get some thick skin and stop imagining that people think the worse of you when they see you. You may be imagining it. Maybe some of them actually LIKE the way you look. I look at guys all the time, especially if I like the way they look. Personality goes much farther in my book though, and there are a lot of girls out there that want someone honest and sincere. Good luck!

By anonymous at 02,May,10 01:45

i feel same with u....and because that i been depression... :-(

By anonymous at 02,May,10 20:20

I feel your pain, bro...
I'm at this same situation..
Dunno what 2 do...
maybe things are going 2 get better someday
It's our only hope
We just need 2 believe it

By anonymous at 04,May,10 21:04

Did you ever notice that supermodels always hang out with guys as ugly as a dog's butt?
In order to get a friend, you must first BE a friend.
Disclaimer: Do not be a sucker who in nice to everybody and gets taken advantage of.

By anonymous at 20,Jun,10 18:51

at least you're not fat and you don't need ur stomach stapled or you don't need the help of the fire department to get out of bed... that's something right?
By at 14,Jul,10 19:47

man fuck the world i just want to die

By at 13,Jun,11 06:11

YMMD with that anwesr! TX

By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 22:35

The stone that the builder refused will always be the head corner stone.

By Puss at 24,May,16 20:02

Okay just a mi.e.ut..n.. I had to turn up my speakers! Nice! I really like this one. New to me, but not no more. Thanks for turning me on to this one. I can just see you and Jack dancin' to this one slow dance. Well hell I can see me & Dave dancin' to this one. hehehe hugzzzzz thanks for jammin' with us baby girl!...

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