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The 30 year Rape

Posted by F**** Up! at April 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Bad Luck  Society

my life has been a continuous roller coaster of hurt, pain, misfortune, and circumstances. i've been rejected by society for every possible reason: gender, race, size, personality, lack of wealth, wealth, education. Sexually assaulted 3 times and raped once. i've been beaten and stalked. 8 years of higher education including a law degree and no one will hirer me. started multiple businesses which are all failing to succeed, i feel no purpose for living anymore other than my husband, but soon he'll leave me to. then i will be free to end this horrible existence for good. thanks for nothing "GOD", i guess its pleasing to you to watch all the other millions of people who suffer everyday; you suck!


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New Comment

By at 03,May,10 21:11

Hey hey thats not the right way to think! Ok sure all that stuff really did happed but don't go around blamming god and others about it. Just go out there and make yourself happy and make others happy. You know that there are so many little kids who are getting rape these days? So dont just stand there go and help them! Hey I will but I'm a little to yough haaa

By anonymous at 04,May,10 20:59

I have met people like you. They never learn. Denial. That you are an annoying little shit is the reason nobody likes you.
This can all change. Quit being an annoying little shit and things will get better.
There are self-help books that spell it all out for you. All you need to do is stop denial.

By at 06,May,10 15:18

Keep going with every misfortune there is something to even things out. But suicide is not an option. And if I took you wrong and have the wrong idea, sorry.

By at 06,May,10 15:20

Oh yeah and keep a defense weapon with you so that you don't get raped again...
By anonymous at 07,May,10 21:51

Probably would not help. All my ex-girlfriends have told me about how they were raped. I did not ask and did not want to know. They told me anyway. They walked down a dark alley, on the wrong side of town, at night, wearing provocative clothing. Duhhh!!!

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 02:26

Keep your faith in the lord. you may be going through some rough times, but believe me, the lord will help you.

By Roberta at 20,May,16 06:02

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