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Life Sucks.

Posted by anonymous at May 7, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 May

Life sucks. If anyone thinks I'm complaining, or I "want attention", you should shut the fuck up. Some people are stupid cunts. All they talk about is how much fuckin' better they are than you. I wish I could live far away from civilization... but you see, I can't do that. Why? I'm 14. Anyone got an opinion?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,May,10 12:37

what the fuck is wrong with little pathetic hoe mother fucker oh my god!youre a waste of existence and being pessimistic is not going to solve anything. dont you see that some people of this site ACTUALLY have problems

By anonymous at 07,May,10 16:53

yo kid.. if you think your life sucks... stop eating and drinking for a day.. and live outside on the street for one day.. just for fun...

start appreciating small things in life..

By anonymous at 07,May,10 21:32

I agree, some people are stupid cunts. Wait four years, or whenever you become a legally recognized adult where you live. Try living far away for civilization for a year. This year I will spend two weeks in a wilderness area, far from civilization. Alone! It will be great!!

By anonymous at 09,May,10 11:51

ur 14, once u experience more things in life, then u wont feel it sucks. if u feel it sucks, then i think its all of the hormones in ur body operating. the only way ur life can suck is if u r being abused at home or someone is hurting you. im not coming down on u at all, but i want you to realize the things you probably have that others dont. the world is full of opportunities when you are young. ur life doesnt suck.

By anonymous at 10,May,10 05:59

I agree. I hate those people who's idea of a conversation is to make out like their life is better than yours. It may or may not be, that's not the point. It's just rude and ugly. They should be killed.

By anonymous at 16,May,10 02:05

(This is the 14 year old) I just want to be by myself with no one else. I know how to hunt and light fires, build shelter, so i'm good with resources. I'll wait till i'm 18, and i'll suddenly dissapear from my city. But, if life gets better, it probably will, I won't. I would never kill myself, I just don't like people, especially arrogant, smart ass pricks.

By anonymous at 25,May,10 03:57

you wouldn't last one day on your own your doomed hahahaha

By Johannah at 23,Jul,11 07:07

Super jazzed about gteitng that know-how.

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