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Whose life sucks the most MINE!

Posted by a big douchbag at May 7, 2010
Tags: Appearance  Health  2010 May  Poverty

35, jobless, live in shithole for years. I'm obese and ugly as shit, I fart alot, and I stink like hell. I left education halfway through high school cuz ma family's illegal immigrants, I found a job srving at mcdonald, working as store clerk. I got fired in 2007 and was looking for a job ever since. I used to have an apartment, but now I moved back to my parents house which was really still a two room apartment. I, when im still not fat in high school, dated just one single girl, she had some type of STD, which got me infected. and to mention i never had any friends and my parents never meant to have me but cant have me aborted so you can imagine they HATES me. now I'm fat, ugly, poor, jobless, live with my parents, have STD, had no friends, everyone hates me, so yea.


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New Comment

By at 08,May,10 22:10

As a medical professional, I advise you to eat more chili beans. Also save money by never using soap or washing your clothes.
By anonymous at 09,May,10 18:02

By anonymous at 10,May,10 21:33 Fold Up

Yes, eat lots more chili beans, raw garlic, raw broccoli and hard boiled eggs. And when you eat them, go "Oink, Oink, snarf, snarf, Oink, grunt".
By anonymous at 28,May,10 05:22

why are people always trying to hurt an already hurtin person these days....
you guys are bigger douchbags than this mr a big douchbag

By Angel at 09,May,10 20:01

To Mr. A Big Douchbag, don’t listen to those assholes!

You can lose weight (start by walking), enroll in a GED program, change your diet and see a doctor for the STD. If you improve your education, you can get a better job. And when you lose weight, you will begin to feel a lot better about yourself. You will realize that you are not ugly or unlovable. You can meet new people and move away from your parents. Some parents are better left behind.

By anonymous at 25,May,10 03:55

i hate you too as everyone else reading your story does. keep up the good work!

By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 02:56

Your life is really pathetic sorry.

By anonymous at 18,Jul,10 01:03

Try some Beano. And sorry u got the clapp. U got 2 b careful where u put dat thing. Lay off the chuluppas. Eat rice.....u dnt c many fat chinese people. Hope things get better for ya.
By anonymous at 28,Sep,10 17:55

Really dipshit ever heard of sumo?

By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 14:14

hahaah fucking loser

By anonymous at 31,Dec,10 21:12

You think your life sucks! what if you had to support a drug addicted slacker son and take care of a dying boyfriend who hasn't had a bath in 6 weeks and who has decided he's afraid of the shower? In addition to that, you are responsible for all the bills, do all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, transporting, the only one who works and whatever else you can think of that has to be done.
By at 23,Dec,11 20:22

ur life isn't that bad you cunt

By anonymous at 01,Jul,11 13:01

It really all comes down to individual responsibility.
Some have better options and situations than others, but ultimately no matter how bad the situation you always have options and the ability to move forward.
Those options may not be black or white but pink or blue, but you still have options.
All you people out there who are negative towards only contribute to the toxicity of this world. Try to give your neighbor a smile every once in awhile, it might help with your issues that have the same smell as your anus.
Break the cycle..."be the change you want to see"

By at 23,Dec,11 20:23

boi you bout ugly as fuck, i'm coller then you ever were and im so young and your story just sounds ugly as fuck boy damn you nasty KILL YO SELF

By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 20:30

By Frank Sept. 13, 2012 It is 100% honoralbe to bitch about this life; 0% honorable about people who bitch about it Doe this poor sufferer bitch about people. NO only about this fuckin life. The most unnacceptable douche on this is that asshole who writes boi youre ugly Im collar kill youself. You havent spelled a fuckin word right you uneducated piece of shit then you criticise someone who rightfully says life sucks. life hurts enought dont hurt others. assholes

By Nike Free 5.0+ at 13,Oct,14 13:09

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By RoyalCBD at 28,Sep,20 16:17

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