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I am with you

Posted by anonymous at February 15, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Philosophical

I am not religious. I believe there is good and evil with nothing in between. An evil person commits an act that hurts another with knowledge of the pain they inflict, and feels no remorse. A good person has felt pain before and tries to avoid making others feel it as they did once before. I have felt pain in many forms. I can not help you with your pain. All I can do is tell you how I deal with my pain. When I see someone in need. I help. When I think I'm the last good person left on the planet, I ask myself, Am I surrounding myself with people whom have really felt pain before? The answer is always yes. Everyone on Earth has felt pain. Pain fuels anger, resentment, guilt, fear, chemical dependency, and an endless list of negative things which can devour your life. Many of the things I listed are currently devouring mine. The only reason I still get out of bed is because I have a small list of people, my family, who truly love, and care about me. I have put them through a lot of anguish, and emotional pain throughout my short life. I use to only care about my social status, and who I was better than. I drank and did drugs, said fuck the law, and fuck the world. I was arrested and sentenced to a minor sentence in the county jail. During my time in jail, I saw the people who believe there is no good left in the world. They have lost all hope. They believe this world has left them behind, left me behind, left you behind. My family has my back. My "friends" do not. If you do not have a family or someone who cares for you and loves you. I love you and do care about you, because I have felt pain, and experienced the anger that comes with it. Please do not let it turn you into an evil person because I promise, black, white, male, female, Christian, Muslim, democrat, republican, able bodied, disabled, guilty, non-guilty, rich, poor, healthy, and sick, you the Human are a good person always. Do not let pain from the past or the present, turn you into evil. Evil is real if you let it thrive on your weaknesses. In the morning. I am in pain. However I thank, not god, but myself, when I get out of bed. Thank you for getting up today and continuing the fight. Life as we know it is a fight between good and evil. Do you help people in need? Do you support those who have helped you in the past? Who REALLY cares about you? The fight between good and evil has been shrouded in cloaks of confusion with names like, government, terrorist, race, culture, democrat, republican, male, and female. There is one human. We all feel pain and we all hold resentments, but not today. Today I am Human and I am alive.


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By anonymous at 24,Feb,12 19:50

There are degrees of Good and Evil.
None of us are incorruptible goodness or pure evil.
The world is leaning towards the side of evil because it is being set off balance by destructive forces but there is still goodness in humanity and generosity, for ex. you. Thank you for your words of encouragement, you are helping restore the balance of good and heal the planet. Keep doing what you're doing. I love you.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,12 18:49

I love you too.

By anonymous at 22,Mar,12 10:43

I love you

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