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Posted by jrl23 at February 24, 2012
Tags: Anger  Attitude  2012 February

I'm 19 years old and have absolutely no family. I'm not suicidal, nor have I ever thought about it. My mom left me at 4. I've never met my dad, let alone a hint. I lived with my grandmother uniformity she passed away. So I lived in foster care from 14 till 18. I dropped out at 16 and got my g.e.d, and started working. I have a decent job but its frustrating. I don't fuck with with people. I don't consider people my friends. Fuck friends there bullshit. Bitches make me mad too. I mean, getting layed is not a issue, it's trying to find love. I mean no one loves me!!! No one. I'm all alone. It made me angry, made me hate people. I fucking hate people with families. I'm broke as shit cause I have to buy all my shit! I hate people with parents. Especially ones with money that pay for all thier shit. I try to find the good in life there's just so much shit I don't have that others do. I'm so alone. I want to be loved! Why me!! I know a dumb bitch won't love me. I'm talking about the real shit. Unconditional love. I always think why me. It rages inside me. If there is a god I'm pissed off at his ass too. I doubt there is though, I've prayed so much when I was younger and nothing happened. I know ill never have a family and ill probably never be shit. Too many disadvantages. I mean no one understands the pain. To be absolutely alone at my age. It's unfair. If you have a, as in 1 family member your fucking blessed! Families disgusting me now. I hate all that shit. Cause ill never have it. I honestly have no fucking clue what life has in store in for me. But I guarantee it will suck ass and I'm won't be able to see what good shit is there, because of all the shit I don't have that I'm reminded of everyday by you motherfuckers. So big thanks so everything, if gods ass exists then him too. Im just so angry all the time. I fucking hate everything.


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By anonymous at 05,Mar,12 02:59

You are a fucking moron dude. Just sayin. You sound like a broken record of fucktardation. you contradict yourself. you say you dont fuck with people you dont want friends or any shit like that but you want love. you are fucking idiot and I can only hope that you dont ever multiply because I would feel so sorry for any possible kids that you would ever create. Yeah you grew up in a shitty way but you should have learned from it. yeah you're obviously not going to find love when you have a I hate everything and everybody fuck you fuck this fuck every fucking thing in existance attitude. you're a fucking little cry baby and yes I cant stand spoiled little rich brats either but it's not people with families' faults that you didn't have a family or people to buy you shit. I do have a family and I had nothing handed to me. I still had and have to bust my ass for everything I do have which isn't a lot but I dont cry like a little bitch about people who have more help. I have to support myself and 3 other people alone so I dont want to hear your fucking crying about have to support yourself. get the fuck over yourself

By at 19,Mar,12 11:54

Get off your pity pot and act like a man.
By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 15:59

WOW,With an attitude like that no wonder you are miserable. My advice to you is to find ONE thing each day that you can be thankful for and put your efforts into concentrating and being thankful for that. It will amaze you how soon that one thing will multiply. I promise.

By anonymous at 05,Apr,12 18:01

stop bein a lil bitch

By Renei at 09,May,12 14:46

I couldn't help but notice that you said you wanted "unconditional love". Well, why don't you get a dog? :33 They love EVERYONE. c: My dog loves everyone and everything. haha
So maybe you could pick a stray dog off the street and maybe go to some social activities and tell people you have a dog. There are a lot of chicks that are pet people. c:

By anonymous at 13,May,12 02:45

Well, I have a family, but I have never been really big into family, they can be a nuisance. I am blessed to have them, and to be truly alone would be probably awful like you say. I do not think you give people a chance, your anger, jealousy, and yeah "hatred" gets in the way. I can see that. It you gave one so called "bitch" a chance and let them into your heart, you would not have to buy all this shit you say you buy yourself. You would have 1 family member, and she would have family, and if you got to know her better, she would let you in to get to know her family. And you would have a something to call a family. We are not all bitches you know.

By anonymous at 29,May,12 01:36

I cant believe how many cruel people there are out there to say the mean things they are saying to you. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND YOU! Let me assure that soemtimes having no family is better than having a family like mine. My family abuses me. They make me feel like shit every god damn fucking day. It has come to the point many of times where my heart ached for some love, compassion, understanding from them. I have to depend on them because I have a daughter. I can take care of myself on my own but I cant manange to take care of two so I need their help. They fuck with me in front of my own kid. They dont give a fuck. They are mean assholes. Be thankful tha you dont have any kids because you would feel one hundred times worse because you cant give them the life you dont have. You will see your kids suffer like you. I had my kid when I was 16 so I know! Even with a family, I know how lonely you feel. At least you are you're own person. Keep trucking away and saving money, even if its just 5 dollars a week. By the time your 30 you will feel different and better, so long as you dont fuck up your life between now and then. Just keep working, keep your nose clean and a girl will want to be with you!

By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 11:59

wahhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaah go fucking kill yourself already

By anonymous at 31,Aug,12 07:12

Fist of all Id like to tell all you people who are being mean SHUT THE FUCK UP!! This is about anger and people are seriously hurt and frustrated. If you dont like what he has to say go to the next post rude fucks!!

Anyway. I completely understand. I have family but I dont really have family. Growing up I only saw my dad maybe 2 times a year(and he lived 10 mins away from me). My mom left me for some man on and off all my life so I had to practically fend for myself. She finally moved to Arkansas and left me homeless and that shit sucked. I was working two jobs seven days a week on the bus for 4 hours a day till I finally got my own place. How many 18yr olds do you know paying for their own way through life. It sucks. times are hard man. I completely agree. Tried religion and it helped till the pastor of the church cut down my throat in front of the whole entire congregation for something that I didnt even do!! The fuckery of these so called "adults" are ridiculous. Im angry all the time too. All my friends seem so happy and are married or travel and shit and Im on my own working actually having to earn my way through life while people my age just get waited on hand and foot. Dont worry man I just feel like we are the ones who are gonna get something good when the time comes. As far as the girl goes, LET HER IN. Dont let a few bad chicks ruin all the eggs. Learn to trust someone it really does help to talk to someone!
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 17:59

To comment 07:12 dont tell me to shut the fuck up.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:17

And my final comment to all you dirtbags who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Makaila at 25,May,16 01:11

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