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what i think about life

Posted by Elliot at May 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 May  Philosophical

hey its me again, im always thinkin bout life in such a detailed way every day that i have to rite it down n i think its gd to do that. it makes u realise that there r people everywhere on all levels of life who r incredibly depressed, n that i find very sad and the way us humans live or not. the world i c and live in makes me so angry and restless. i always go to bed thinkin bout what that day could have been but all it was was gettin up goin to college or work,comin bk home cookin tea, loadin the dishwasher. it does my nut. were a fucked up species that think just because we have a brain we can be superior to anythin else. that is not true all creatures have brains and we think as were the most intelligent beins here that that gives us the rite to rule absolutely everythin. look at the way we run single countries and then fight each other for more land n what for. i feel that is very ironic because if we were clever then surely we would be livin a more meaningful life, instead of gettin ourselves down by thinkin we can change whos guna lead this country and actually makin it all better. that is never goin to happen so all we can ever do is carry n battle on. i want to no y were the only species that have to earn to live on this gorgeous planet which it is not anymore down to what we have done. i feel so sorry for all other breathin life on this planet as none of what has happened is there fault its ours n we think that makes us the most intelligent beins on earth, which makes us very unintelligent. OH PLEASE GET REALISTIC. what scares me the most is that its not just earth that were goin to destroy were talkin bout emigratin onto mars now so yh were a fucked up species. if we were here everythin would be amazingly beautiful n all our fake n horrible buildins would be historyn replaced by natural climate once more n that is what is awesome. bye guys n gals take care


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By anonymous at 16,May,10 01:56

Well said.

By anonymous at 19,May,10 02:02

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By anonymous at 21,May,10 15:32

I kan spel much more gooder then U!

By impalement at 03,Jun,10 15:18

Life in general is meaningless. People live meaningless lives because they are empty.

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