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society is cruel

Posted by anonymous at February 26, 2012
Tags: Appearance  Attitude  2012 February

im a good and kind person but im rejected by society because im so differant. im ugly and slightly chubby and i really like scary and weird stuff but am ridiculed for it. im 20 years old and still a virgin because of my unfortunate looks and girls who like the stuff i like dont even want me. girls are always going out with these stuck up guys who treat them terrible but they dont like nice guys like me. only the good looking people are the most succesful ones in this cruel society that says everyone has to be perfect but i have this creepy but positive feeling that when the last days on earth come it doesnt matter any more because everyone will be equel because nothing matters any more. i know alot of people are going to give me some fucking bullshit about being single and not getting laid when they comment but i have had worse by the popular kids in school. i know my grammer and spelling sucks but i never paid attention in school do to my deppresion and anxiety. im only good at history, science and creative writing. so i hope the people on the comments who tell me im a loser and should kill myself change there attitudes and try to become a better person and just be nice to people but thats there problem.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 19:59

Hey-i almost totally know how u feel-but dont give up-i was chubby& my mom used to get me haircuts that looked like a boy, heck i guess she even dressed me boyish- and i was very sad & upset bc i wanted to be pretty w long flowing hair & a glamorous look-and as the years passed i felt worse and then a guy that i liked went out wy friend-and it made me feel much worse-and i wld cry myself to sleep-and my brother was mean to me-and i never got a minute to myself bc i had to share my room w my sister-and i hated life-but many nights before i would go to sleep, i would look out my bedroom window & stare at the moon and talk to god but never outloud bc i didnt want mu sis to hear me. It was messed up bc inside i was screaming, silently. Well, i started to get focused on activities, like singing and tennis and i payed less and less attention to my crappy life bc i was actually starting to enjoy my hobbies. Singing with my church on sundays made me feel good and then i started to work a little on my appearance and dressing nicer. Then the tennis was whipping me into shape but i never paid attention bc i wanted to win my games so bad. Then, i went oit one night and met this gorgeous guy from europe who treated me like a godess--and for the first time i realized there really is something out there-a god who was listening to every word i said-and just when i was in the middle of laughing and enjoying life, he placed the world at my feet.

Things kinda suck for me rt now-but i'm going to keep looking up at the moon, screaming quietly to the good lord-and just when i'm laughing and hanging out w my friends, he's going to bring the world right to my feet again! Dont give in!!! You're worth it! And i know bc i'm like the twin sister u never had!
Chubby girl grows up

By anonymous at 19,Mar,12 13:44

What is pretty?

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 03:02

Dear friend, I have been there before. In high school and middle shool I was the ugliest girl in school (honestly). Our school was very small cuz it was a private school (56 people).
I wear glasses, I was very chubby, my head was huge with big cheeks and some acne and I had the dumbest most autistic looking expression and walked with heavy steps.
This was a school full of a bunch of perfect skinny girls with arrogant attitudes. They rejected me so much, left me out, in sports games they would choose people and I was everyones last choice, at times they would even argue about which team I should be on. During lunch I sat alone because spots " were taken" by girls for their stupid perfect friends.
In high school, I was hurt by this girl whom I thought was my friend. She set the whole school against me for no reason. Nowadays she loves me and is very grown up but I secretly avoid her.
Iam a college girl now and Iam very hot because I made alot of changes for my looks and how I carry myself. I mean Iam gorgeous right now. My cousins in Cali are amazed by my looks. Guys tell me how perfect my figure is and are in awe at my flowing, radiant Ginger hair. I kind of feel like ugly duckling turned into a swan.
It's amazing how I felt the contrast of acceptance from society. I mean in those days people would act like I'm not here. But nowadays I get second glances everytime I go in public and guys blush like crazy if I come too close to them.

By totalbrandin at 08,Dec,12 17:11

I would like to see more posts like this!.. Great blog btw! Reisadvies Subscribed..

By Dietmar at 05,Mar,13 00:34

I love them all! Such amazing shots, and I'm sure you have so many more. I'm glad the shoot worekd out. With all the rain we had that weekend, it's nice to see that you were able to find some dry time for an outdoor shoot. I so wish I'd been able to snag you to do a family shoot for us while you were in town. Maybe next time?

By Jase at 27,Dec,16 11:59

Okay I'm coievncnd. Let's put it to action.

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