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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 3, 2012
Tags: Death  2012 March  Tragic Events

My mother died in 2010.
My father died today.
They both commited suicide.
I'm fifteen years old.
I have seen more sadness than I ever thought possible.
And what's worse, others have hell.
Is there any happiness in this strange existence?


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By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 15:51

Wow. Although it seems you have been through more than alot, this is not the end. God puts us through things that he knows we can handle. I'm sure he didn't plan this for you but you are in control of how your life goes from here. You can choose to make a better situation of what's set before you and become an example of how a teen can overcome an extreme situation. I can only imagine what you are going through and I hope you are able to overcome this.
By at 21,Apr,12 22:13

I'm so sorry bou what happened to you I feel you pain in a simular way my grandad died not to long ago and he waz every thing to me I'm so sorry :(

By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 21:17

I've been through it, too... from a very young age.
My parents are dead. I'm 20. My dad died when I was 15. He was 50. My mother died on christmas eve this year. She too was 50. I didn't get a childhood because of how sick he was.
He's better off dead.
She died in a plane crash, along with my step dad.
I'm trying to figure it out myself. But, I'll tell you what... This existence is strange, you're right. Some people are destined (it seems) to be more unhappy than others.
I've always contemplated suicide, because I seem destined to misery. Stay strong through this part. Don't let anyone give you any grief- your grief is enough. Be honest with yourself about your emotional limitations.
This sounds contradictory, I'm still working on it myself- but remember that you aren't going to live forever, and even if you never find happiness here, you will be free eventually... so don't rush it. I think happiness is everywhere if you can just pull it off. Stay strong, stay strong... Make something of yourself. Don't worry, relax. There ARE others like you out here...We've all got to stick together in spirit at least.

By anonymous at 08,Mar,12 06:45

My thoughts are with you. I'm 35, live in China, from Europe. Life has dealt me some ugly hands as well but not like yours. The fact that you are reaching out if proof of your strenght, believe me, it takes great courage. Do it more, as much as you can until you can share no more. Life is unfair, you did not choose this so you have no blame. You deserve only compassion and admiration. But reach out. Reach out to social service networks, charities, support groups. Cry, shout and wail if you must, there is no shame, just release. Then, slowly, things will start changing. One day you will be helping other people in a way that 'normals' never can, and that will make you a great person in life, it may even be your 'purpose'. Hang on

By at 24,Mar,12 21:24


By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 08:48

keep courage you have a long life ahead of you,there are others who are like you or even worse..time will fix everything.

By anonymous at 09,Apr,12 08:50

: (

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 20:03

sometimes it just doesnt seem fair, but you are a beautiful person who deserves to live every second of your life with happiness.

By anonymous at 10,May,12 16:24

How on Earth could your parents take their life and leave an orphan behind? It's awful

By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 00:39

Why do people bitch and whine so much? Sure couple bad things have happened to you but you let the world push you down then your just taking up air. When bad stuff happens it basically comes down to standing up and saying "fuck you world your not going to win" no one will help your alone. Get use to it or die

By anonymous at 06,Jun,13 16:57

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