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Posted by hmmmmm Impalement at May 20, 2010
Tags: 2010 May  Philosophical

I'm back for more. To cleans the world of it's ignorance! (See may 1 under philosophical for more information about my answers to the meaning of life)

I said it once and I'll say it again. Your lives are all empty. You don't feel anything. You are cacoons that contain no life. You say you feel sad, angry, happy, etc. But the reality is that you don't feel anything... you just naturally react to something. Your reaction is the same as everyone else.

Though the reactions are meaningless and empty. You do demonstrate the signals of happiness and sadness. But more importantly you try to hide the pleasure you get from the pain of others. Lifeless vessells that don't suck the life energy from the pain of others. That is the true meaning of being human.

But there is more. The only purpose we have is to destroy. You subconciously do this through my existence. My birth into this universe is the reason for your existence, and my vision of the world has been achieved. A world where empty, meaningless, lifeless beings that react the way I invisioned, decide the way I invisioned and the list could go on for millions of pages. My goal was to create a nearly sustainable world, a world where I am free to feed off the pain of others. A world where there exists depictions sorrow, anger, jealousy but little do these people know...they don't feel any of's just the actions they do because I invisioned them. I take this energy from people to survive because I am the only person who could truely possess feelings!

I have told people about my existence as a god. They don't believe me. They don't have to. My powers subconciously make them the way they are. They can believe that they have free will. But they are wrong... It is my will. My vision.

One day. When I die. My spirit will move on and I will once again become an entity like no other. I will destroy life, it could be days after I die, it could be months, it could be years, but I will destroy all life. Then I will find a new planet, and allow the miracle of life to spread. On its soil I will create a shining future. People who have feelings, people who live lives that have meaning. I will be worshiped. I will be...God of the New World...


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By anonymous at 20,May,10 11:48

You are scary. Have you stopped taking your meds recently?

By anonymous at 20,May,10 19:28

tl;dr faggot

By anonymous at 20,May,10 20:35

kill yourself, loser

By anonymous at 21,May,10 14:56

I am NOT a cacoon, I am a racoon, Idoit!

By anonymous at 21,May,10 20:54

I'd think like that if I smoked crack too.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 05:08

pass the pipe dude lol! why is the world filled with such screwballs?

By Mark at 06,Mar,12 21:03

hey stop being dicks hes just sharing his opinion

By Toopack at 07,Mar,13 05:43

JT Posted on Sounds like you can do a lot better. You may not think so, but you relaly can. WE all deserve someone who REALLY loves us for who we are.

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