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no friends, no life, no hope

Posted by anonymous at March 14, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Money  Sociopathy

I hate my life. Everyone else is great in my book and I just suck! I try to relate to people but I have no brains or social sense whatsoever. I lose all my friends and I've never had a girlfriend at all and I'm 32. I keep wanting these gorgeous chicks and I don't even make a move because even I have enough sense to know there's no chance. But I don't have enough sense to want whatever chick would be good for me. There's nobody for me. I have two jobs I'm failing at because I'm just brain dead and still I have no money because they are both dead end jobs and my living expenses are too high; mainly because I buy crap. I suck with money. I've only been laid once and I couldn't keep it up which was humiliating, she was nice about it but I felt like crap. I walk out the door everyday and it feels like the world is caving in around me. I watch people talking to each other and I can't do the same, my personality sucks and I can't hold a conversation that well. I drink too fast and usually end up embarrassing myself or throwing up, I threw up in the urinal at my sister's wedding and they had to call out an emergency plumber in the middle of the night! I just hate my life!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 23:18

you're not a virgin. you know that you cant get those gorgeous girls cuz they all want rich men. so really, why are you complaining? you're the one who is being shallow only wanting the gorgeous women. try a cute girl or even an average one.

you don't suck at $ cuz you already know what you are doing wrong. you said yourself that your living expenses are too high and you buy crap. so here is a suggestion DON'T BUY CRAP! BUDGET! ask yourself if it's a need or necessity do you eat out a lot? buy brand name vs generic? designer clothes? only buy things on sale. use coupons which you can get from newspapers. all simple stuff.

you're healthy and employed with not 1 but 2 jobs. i wish i had ONE job, forget 2.

By at 16,Mar,12 14:49

Allah Almighty listens to our prayers; He is close and listens!
By at 16,Mar,12 15:51


By Truth at 16,Mar,12 16:15

Don't feel bad, you could be the ass clown in the post right above yours, but you're not.

Hey listen, one time I got the e-mail o gram on my compuTAr from the internets and it had a place for me to click and in one of those windows there was a short fil called "stuffin" . It was over 10 minutes of "hot wheelchair sex" , and had some ugly bitch stuffing non working cocks up her bajinky. I don't think anyone was having any fun, but it was funny to watch. That's probably why that chick you had sleepy dick with was being nice about it...because to her it was funny and entertaining.

On the other hand, fuck you right in the eye for puking in that urinal. I WAS THE GODDAMN EMERGENCY PLUMBER you sack of dried elephant cum!! You should stop eating those little mexican candy gums. you supposed to chew them dung boy, and when you puke they get stuck in the little pee hole drains and they have to be picked out one by one. Plus, your barf smelled like jizz, so you must be a fag cock gobbler.

I hate you, and I hate your sister.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 16:22

you tested positive for HIV
By Truth at 16,Mar,12 16:55

You tested positive for semen in mouth
By miniman at 05,May,12 14:44

this is a hilarious story xD

By anonymous at 17,Mar,12 05:00

You sound like me. I mean, your post could have been written by me apart from the girl stuff (I am a girl).

By at 19,Mar,12 14:36


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