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Posted by anonymous at March 17, 2012
Tags: Job  2012 March

My life sucks. My birthday is in a few days and I'm turning 25. A quarter of a century and yet I havent achieve anything in my life. Yeah, I got my degree but I cannot find a good job. Six interviews and still no job. Stuck right now at a retail job for four years going on five years....and gets pay few cents above minimum wage. All my friends either found a good job or have started their family already. And me?...stuck with nothing. I have an older sister who is two years older than me and makes triple what I make in an hr. Throughout my whole life, she's always better than me in everything. Everyone always like her more than me. I know even my parents are proud to have her as a daughter but me on the other hand, no one ever notice me. I'm always on the bottom. I have a bf who I've been with for three years. He isn't helping me much either, gamble all my saving... Now I only have a few hundred in my account. Every day I drag myself to my shitty job and have people shop there look down on me because it is a damn retail job. They probably think I have no education but the truth is I have a bachalor degree. But so what?... I'm still a loser because I'm stuck working there...

Right now I'm in my room at my parent's basement, listening to music and wondering what I'm going to do with my sad life.


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By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 15:39

honestly, at least you have a job. and retail is better than working at fast food or doing cleaning or being unemployed. i worked at fast food and i wasn't embarrassed. as long as it's honest work, why feel any shame? don't be snotty. and you have a degree too. that's great. it's just that the economy is bad right and many people working at jobs that are not up to par with their education. no need to feel bad and plus you are young. maybe cuz you feel bad about yourself, you figure people are looking down on you. and most of them are prolly not looking down at you. it's just you are self-conscious.

and really, you need to dump your boyfriend. why did you give him your hard earned $$$ to gamble away? he seems like a jerk. happy early bday. and remember it will not always be this way. good luck.

By Cursed at 18,Mar,12 16:59

Marketing and business- that's what I'm in debt for. A useless Bachelor's Degree. Like you, I am working a job with an hourly wage, because that's all there is. Shitty economy, both when I graduated from high school and now that I just turned 40. You're almost half my age- so don't be too hard on yourself. 25 is young. The times are tough and the person above is absolutely right- at least you HAVE A JOB! Be thankful. Many, many, people don't even have work.
Everyone is disillusioned and times are tough. The stock market is up then it's down. We are getting porked with oil and food prices. Everything is rising, except our income. People are demonstrating in the street- of course, the media hasn't covered an ounce of it. "Occupy Wallstreet" that's all you hear. But why? Why are people angry, hungry, disenchanted, protesting in the street? I wish I could join them- but I have student loans to pay, pets to feed, rent to pay, and a shitty job to go to. What do we have to do in this country to make a real change? Anyone? Anyone?

By Truth at 19,Mar,12 14:59

I got a bachelor degree and i still have it. I'm not giving any slutty little whore like you a MRS. degree. Maybe the problem isn't the world, or your sister, who fucks waaay better than you do, but rather, the problem is really YOU!

Wow...six whole interviews??? Man, you really put yourself out there didn't you? What stones you've turned looking for a way out of working at Best compuTAR buying store!! Your BF is a cum guzzler. I'd let you use my new programming invention the insult-o-matic, on his postings but I have to sell it to the googles before I can let anyone use it or they might steal it.

anyway, get off your fat lazy couch tumor and try for six more interviews you whining sunt, which means silly cunt.
By anonymous at 20,Mar,12 04:16

Omg. Shut the fuck up with your shit. If your life is any better then why the hell are you on this website. You are probably a lonely motherfucker who likes to talk shit behind the screen because you have nothing better to do! Go fuck yourself because you probably have no one else to fuck you.
By Truth at 21,Mar,12 00:51

There's no truth in this, since I just fucked your mouth. So, go gargle and clean up, mouthbitch.

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