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Life sucks, and seems to be getting worse

Posted by anonymous at March 18, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 March

Though I am only 17 my life is a mess:
- my brother was diagnosed with cancer when I was 4
- my Parents split up
- my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away
- I was diagnosed with Colitis and suffer daily with it
- my dad married someone who I hate
- my mum became an alcoholic
And because of all this I just feel depressed and angry all the time and I'm not sure how much more i can cope with . To make matters worse I may lose my dog, who is the only reason I actually get out of bed, if I lose her I'm sure my depression will get worse


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Mar,12 10:23

Your childhood seems like it was difficult. But now at 17 I might ask you if you are ready to live your own life. It sounds like your mess has to do with other people. You are not your brother, father, mother or grandmother. You don't need to like your parents, just yourself. Their problems are not yours. You have such potential that these other people can only be a springboard into the fabulousness that can be YOUR life. You can also funnel the trials of the past into a focus for the future. Are you interested in helping others deal with loss or cancer? You may have unique insights into difficulty that can help others if you were to become a psychologist, a hospice worker, a doctor or a researcher. The future is bright, my friend. (As for the nasty colitis- that can be debilitating - have you tried rebalancing your system with probiotics and organic food? Rx drugs really mess up our systems.)

By Truth at 19,Mar,12 12:33

I feel sorry for your dog. She has a fuckalope for an owner. If I had your dog I would walk her every day, and NOT shit my pants while doing it. Then, I'd learn to love my new mom, and when I say love, I mean LOVE...her while pops is at work. You shoukd p robably start drinking, and stay off this interweb e-mailing, you can catch colitis by playing too much on it.

Have a great DAy Vaginasaurus Rex!

and please PLEASE go fuck yourself.
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 00:53

you asshole stop making this kids life harder than it is

By at 19,Mar,12 15:11

By anonymous at 20,Mar,12 01:45

How pathetic must your life be that you have to go bully depressed people on a sympathy forum. Get your hand off of your penis, turn off the computer, and try to become a useful part of society? (p.s. I think I saw a movie based off of you. I believe it was called the 40 year old virgin?)
By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 14:37 Fold Up

This dude is just.. sad... and stupid... why am i reading this???

By anonymous at 20,Mar,12 03:08

UM.. sorry to the initial poster... i didnt read all of your post.

happysuneshineguy: uh yea what Truth said. and um..I think your a cum guzzler and fuck off and stuff.

Again...Truth, PLEASE TAKE OUT THIS MINION FOLLLOWER THAT SEEMS TO BE FOLLOWING YOUR EVERY POST. Plain and simple he sucks. He's not even good at offending others. FAIL.

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 01:05

listen dude i feel your pain i can understand everything tht your going through and there is a way tht your life can stop sucking as bad as it is right now..when you wake up in the moring thing of it like this its always a brand new can meet someone new...fall in love over and over again..get a job doing something you love..get a job doing something you like too a life be like super know you only live once soo live life while yo ucan enjoy ..embrass someone..dont be sad people die everyday yes it sucks but they lived their life now its time for you too live yours while you can just try and see how my advice can maybe actually help you..and dont be afraid too tell someone you know how you feel and they dont listen dont bother tlking too the cause i know someone is willing too tlk you and help you..figure something out..yes life sucks alot..but just try too live it and be happy while you can..just think of all the possiblities tht are out there wait for you too come around and take your can be someone!!

By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 01:12

Live life with your head up high I'm cheering you on from here

By bonker at 28,Oct,12 23:21

"Think Positively..." okay- I'M POSITIVE THIS FUCKING LIFE SUCKS!!
How's that? Positive enough for ya?

By i love pron at 26,Oct,19 02:36

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