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no money

Posted by cmme at May 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 May  Money

My husband will be married 20 years this summer and we have no money. We have three teen-agers and we have to borrow money from them. How pathetic. We have exhausted all means of getting money and we seriously do not know how we are going to get through the summer. My husband has had 8 jobs over our marriage so there you go. Life sucks.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 30,May,10 03:21

And how many jobs have you had? If you stopped working as soon as the kids were born, you have no right to complain about having no money. If you have been working ignore this comment and start going to the gym get your hair and nails done and become a whore. LOL. Pays well apparently.
By anonymous at 30,May,10 03:58

WTF is the previous person talking about? Kids need a parent to raise them...duh! Perhaps the husband is too proud, like my ex, to stay home with the kids and let the woman work...often the women are more educated than the hubbies and bring in more money. They promise they will do their best, and maybe the men do, but it's not enuf.

Listen up can't end anything because those kids need you! There is no substitute for a mother. No matter how much your kids adore your family or your in-laws, you are the anchor that will keep them grounded and give them the upbringing they need and deserve.

If you don't suck it up and keep it together for your children they will be posting here in another ten years. I promise you that.

By anonymous at 30,May,10 18:22

Eight jobs in 20 years? Sounds about average. The way I got through times of unemployment is to cut out all luxuries- no telephone, no television, no internet, etc. Contact employers through free web-mail at the public library and use one of those "pay only for the calls you make" telephones and use the phone only to contact employers. Get part time jobs that pay cash and do not put the money in the bank or declare on your income taxes.

By anonymous at 31,May,10 17:57

I do believe there is always jobs, there is always continues education for and your husband are still alive and you have children to take care of.

Of course children need a mother but be real, they need food and clothes even more.

I've been a single mother for about 8 years and I always had to work to provide for my children, now they are teenagers but we are close and they don't complain.

By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 03:14

Get off your asses and get a job you trashy losers.
By God at 07,Jun,10 19:33

"...Cease this douche-baggitry. Thou buttocks are in danger of the wicked's (Butt-Pounding Device). "

...Don't Drop-eth thy Soap-eth.

By anonymous at 03,Jun,10 04:47

why don't you help your husband and find a job yourself you lazy bitch. try being a hooker they make great money. there problem solved, glad i could help.
By God at 07,Jun,10 19:35

"..And let me help you by predicting your future, child."

Banishment into thy pits of hell, and thou shall suffer an eternity of "Butt-Cleansing" from Satan's Fury Jewels.

The future has spoken.

By at 27,Mar,12 20:43

Debarati Banerjee Posted on wow thanks for arihsng this secret of a true genius! He was so simple a good at comparisons with him can be justifiable..simply a gem of a person!

By Nicol at 30,Jun,12 13:13

Good beginning of a comiherenspve survey. Although, I'd add questions about Cleveland's ethnic diversity (is it good for immigrants; is the cultural diversity a drawback or added incentive, if so, why?) Also questions about Cleveland's support/or lack thereof, for the LGBT population/issues.

By anonymous at 01,Aug,13 15:33

I would have felt like many of you who say this woman isn't helping her family or husband, that she is lazy and needs to find a job. Suggesting that she become a prostitute is cruel and rude. I won't pass judgement, I have my own hardships but I certainly sympathize with her. I've been looking for a decent job (full time paying more than $10/hr) since 2011 when I moved to Florida. Now, I'll take any job and amount I am offered even as little as $7.50/hour if I come across one. Although I have made as much as $38+/hour when I was employed full time (I took care of my mother who suffered from a debilitating stroke and used up all my savings while she was living). I always thought I would have enough money to do things for myself. I can't be arrogant and think of what I did and had in the past and allow that thinking to refuse anything I can find now. And boy, have I been looking everywhere. All I can find now are underpaid, standing all day long--mostly in the sun, hurling heavy packages across a room and no guaranteed hours in a week. Sometimes weeks/months go by without finding any hours to work. I finished my B.A. because I was tired of employers telling me, "this job requires a college degree". They can no longer say that to me. Now that I am 62, I feel age discrimination affects my applications. I still need to work because I still need money like everyone. I can't change my age even if I have taken care of myself and look younger than many 45 year olds. Jobs are sparse in today's economy. Adding to the fact that bad credit reporting (hard to pay bills when you don't have money coming in) and working so many years in something so specific to one thing makes every potential employer thinks I am not capable of doing their job. This and more makes it difficult to find employment..all these factors practically shut me out the job market. Please don't hate, send constructive comments. Life is hard enough. Those of you that don't know hardship, consider yourself fortunate and I hope things never turn around on you. Please be considerate of those who have fallen on hard me.

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