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i need help!

Posted by sumguy at March 20, 2012
Tags: Death  Family  Loneliness  2012 March

i am a 35 year old man. i am a council. my hours are long and my work never seems to dissapear. my wife left me and my only child has died. none of my family members want anything to do with me. i dont have many firends. my work is stressing me out. i have only been promoted once by my old boss. which was in 2004. ever since then i have never been promoted, in fact i have been demoted. my bills are building up and i have pain all over my body. i cant afford much. i live in a flat with one bedroom, a toilet (very small) and a living room. my tv is anologue so it wont work in april. i am NOT LUCKY AT ALL. I AM VERY LONELY AND STRESSED. what can i do. i want to commit suicide but i want to find an alternative. can someone help?


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By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 15:53

Never give up, never surrender!!

Watch Toy Story. Then, set a goal, a very specific goal - "meet one new friend" or "go to the movies next Friday" and stick to it! It doesn't matter how small the goal seems, just keep your chin up!
By anonymous at 01,Mar,13 14:01

Did you actually say "watch Toy Story"??? Look, I like Buzz and Woody as well as the next guy but I really doubt if that's the place to learn your life's lessons. Sheesh...

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 16:01

Hey man life does suck but you shouldnt kill is quite simply an illusion its how you interpret it i am unsuccessful headed nowhere and dont have any real friends but what puts people like us apart from successful people it is all the way we look at things.....the most happy people in the world look at many things in dismay but the people who are most deprived of happyness see happyness it in many little things basically to appreciate life fully you have to have experienced what shit feels like. im guessing that you are not a man of faith but people truly do find happiness in god with nothing else because the premise behind most religion is non materialistic as far as your child dieing, god bless there soul, religion would also suggest that they are in a better place now. i am not very religious personally but in my deepest most dismal periods of depression i sometimes turn to god or even think about it and it is soothing. another thing that i would try is submersing myself in deep thought the more you think the more petty everyday life really seems just think of how enormous the universe is ... its endless just try to imagine that then to think there may be such thing as parralell universes and think how small of a piece of it we are then think how we imagine it all. if our minds werent here to imagine it where would it be if people were not aware of it. then you start to connect the pieces and think that it must all be intertwined and our concsiousness is an integral part of the universe at a quantum level we must live on now think back to everyday life do you think the universe cares who has more fortune regarding material things and events? it will all get better if you look for better.... i hope i saved a life

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 23:03

I know this feeling all to well, I too often want to just end it. BUT DON'T!!! Don't give up! I want to be your friend! I need friends too!!!! We just need support and people who understand and who are willing!! You must cope with the hurt in a different way. Cry if you need to, it's okay. You're not alone even if you feel that way. I feel it all the time. It's not just a feeling I KNOW. Let's keep going together.

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 23:31

One thing I have learned that things do suck, but look at how many of us are going through the same type of life issues. You learn from your past and it makes you stronger and better. Not many people give up and there is a reason for that. You are strong, you have already survived a lot it seems and honestly it can only get better from here. I know Ive been there. I had a great job, lost it, my husband lost his to, we then lost our house, lost my dog. Then my hubby and I split, now I'm pregnant, alone with no where to go and found someone who is almost just as abusive as my ex, not physically but mentally. Makes me feel inferior, but it's his child and I feel a need to stay because I do care. But this new life I have is my blessing and I know soon I will overcome this and be strong. I am making changes and feeling good. I started to volunteer and see how happy some people are with nothing, or children who were born to poverty and it really opens your eyes to see what you have going on is not that bad. It could always be worse. We were put here to be challenged and make the best of every situation good and bad. You will find someone amazing, your job will get better and things will look up. Don't give up my friend because you could be contributing so much more than you know. I lost my aunt to suicide after a breakup and it hurt our family more than it did her. So think of everyone who loves you and remember that a lot of your friends may not reach out to you, but if you reached out to them they will be there for you. Sometimes they just don't know when you need them. I wish you the best.

By anonymous at 22,Mar,12 05:46

They say if 1 door closes another 1 has to open.... I guess with this I'm trying to tell you to never lose hope. Life is a test we have to try our very best to pass everyday. From what I read in your comment I see you are going through a lot of pain, but never lose faith! Always know that you can make the best out of a bad situation. You must believe never lose hope. Say a prayer, go to church if you haven't gone, go for a nice walk, try to distract your mind, if your job is making you miserable look for a new one. I know all I'm saying is easier said than done but believe me I have gone through depression and I seriously had to change the way I did things and viewed things to get out of that black hole. Never ever for a moment lose faith If you ever want to talk there is always someone reading other people's comments, I don't know who you are but please don't give up!!! I will be wishing you the very best !!!! :)

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 03:38

"No matter if they tell you or show you that you have nobody in your life you still have a god" Be thankful and look for opporunities and you'll find them When one door closes, another one opens up and also remember that god loves you, for he who created you for a purpose"

By anonymous at 10,May,12 16:18

Your only child has died? How old was he/she? Sorry to ask but this is really upsetting..

By Jordan?Big?Size?14?15 at 18,Aug,14 16:02

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