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does it ever get better?

Posted by whyme at March 21, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Drugs  Family  2012 March

I'm 25 years old. My father died of hep c when I was 14, he was a heroin mom was also a drug addict and died from brain cancer when I was 19 . In between those years I became a crack and heroin addict and have been to 7 rehabs and 12 detoxes.. I got clean for a short period and got married and had a kid..I relapsed and my wife kicked me out. When I was in rehab my wife cheated on me with her ex and just recently told me after two years. My wife has mental and drug problems . I work two jobs and do everything around the house and all I get is my wife telling me how bad of a person I i'm a horrible father and husband...she constantly tells me that she hates me and she hates my brothers.i'm clean two years now and I live my life for my wife and daughter and at this point I don't know what to do....I have no body to talk to ...I have no body...I hate my life...I do love my wife but it seems she doesn't love me back....why me


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By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 15:43

well, you are young for having a kid and being married. being that you are wife did cheat on you, are you sure your daughter is really your daughter? just saying. your wife has mental issues and is not supportive, i think you should leave her and take a DNA test to see if your daughter is yours biologically. and of your wife is so mentally unstable and has a drug problem and does not take medication for it, then she really has no place raising a kid. if the kid is yours, then leave the wife and take your kid. think about the well being of your daughter. she should not be raised by a mother who does drugs and has mental problems. seeing as you are clean (congrats for that btw) and have a job, i wager custody will go to you.

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 16:23

WOW! I stumbled across this website b/c I dont have $5. to go to this event I really want to go to b/c it maybe a posible way for me to make money...but I have to much pride to ask the new friend driving if I can borrow the money to go.

Your story put my life in perspective. I have been divorced for 4 years (17 yr marriage). He was the love of my life. Cheated on me, stuck with all the bills cuz he fled and married a 20 yr old from costa rica. The only blessing I got was my sweet wonderful creative intelligent beautifully exciting boy (Caleb) and girl (Mollie Mae).

Thats the only thing that keeps me alive and kicking today. (And I am ---was--still am---sumwhere deepdown a very spiritual person!!) Im sorry i rambling and balling rite now.

Point is...Im sorry for your horrible situation, but if it makes you feel better at all,,,,,,,you inspired lil' ole me today. I used to think the internet was the anti-christ...I think its a Godsend now.

By at 21,Mar,12 18:32

omfg!!!!! quit crying and do yourself a favor and stab yourself in the eye with a rusty ice pick you queer!! i hate you and i hate your mother for giving birth to your retarded ass! ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous at 22,Mar,12 00:10

ok mr "sunshine" guy...I dont even know the guy, but obviously, you are a homo...still in the closet if you call him queer/ Gro up and find a more appropriate website for your kind.

By anonymous at 30,Sep,12 16:32

why the fuck u drug addicts keep having fuckn kids????

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