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Posted by anonymous at March 24, 2012
Tags: Bad Luck  2012 March  Money

Bought new car on 6 year finance. Lost job.. got in huge fight with g/f she got fired same day. went for a drive to cool down (live in middle of no were, lived there 32 years never seen a police car),got pulled over right out side my driveway. Not drunk. get charged DUI, fight it, cop lies, convicted., still no job, have to pay fine, lawyer, owe credit card, have to pay for car finance, can't even drive it. one year later still no job. plus criminal record.


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By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 22:56

damn, i wish i could trade places with you. At least you have some bright sides, my life has NO bright sides, other than I'm still alive. Can't see the bright side? I'll point it out to you: You're actually good looking enough to get a girlfriend. You actually get laid. You own your own house. You're not lonely, and you've got friends. Financial troubles would be the least of your worries if your life truly sucked.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 16:05

That doesn't seem right? If you were pulled over for a DUI, they must have made you take a breath-o-lizer test? Which, you must have passed? Or did you refuse the breathalizer? So how did he/she (the officer) get away with claiming you were over the legal limit? And not being able to prove it? As for the other stuff, hang in there buddy. You're not going to be out of a license forever- especially if this was your first offense... Check with your lawyer as every state is different, but I know in NH that a first offense, no required jail time (yet) and you have to jump through financial hurdles, and "drunk school" 20hrs of getting treated like you're a fucking criminal. Then, you have to get the SR 22 insurance. But you should have your license back within six months to a year, depending on how many classes you have to take with a drug and alcohol counselor. In NH- a DUI first offense is either a class A or B misdemeanor. I don't believe that it stays on your record forever? In anycase, yes, a DUI definitly sucks. But hopefully, you learn your lesson- take a cab. Don't drive under the influence ever, ever, again. Otherwise, second offense, you go to jail for a minimum of 10 days and you have even more fines up the wahzoo, including having a breath-a-lizer that is mandatory in your car before you can turn it on and drive. I hope you and your girlfriend can work together and help each other out during this shitty spell in your life? My heart goes out to you- hang in there... been there....
It will get better. Especially if you don't drink and drive! Ever.
Good luck-

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