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Posted by j at March 24, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2012 March  Sociopathy

I'm a 24 yr old Male who has been shy almost his whole life. befriending new people has always been difficult for me and I'm now at that age where I should be happy, I've just graduated uni, I have a good job and family are not so far away. But I just feel so lonely. All I need is a friend, someone I can acknowledge, someone who will acknowledge me, to ask how their day was, to be a good friend to keep in touch with.. \:(


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By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 08:50

I just don't get how people can say this is not that bad... This is the worst situatuion ever. My life is exactly the same, and it has completely ruined everything. It has gotten to the point where my self confidence is just so low I can't stand people looking at me anymore. I can hardly go to school, meet friends, be with my family, I can seriously not do anything that involves being around people, which in my opinion is the whole meaning of life. :c life sucks.
By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 14:01

i know me too... i feel like friends are vital to survive and you feel safe... At times i feel if something bad happens in my life who can i talk to without paying to a psycharchist....

In this 21 century, i see most people just caring for their own means and not helping a loner... they just think those people don't exist.... as if i was dead already.....

if i was a sociable person with lot of friends, i'd try to reach out to that loner and bring him or her in our circle whatever type person he or she is.... thats a true friend i no more see :(

By Cursed at 25,Mar,12 17:42

Hey J-
Anthropophobia- the fear of people and social situations. Do you have this? Not sure, but they say that you experience anxiety and paranoia. For example- you think that people are talking about you and making fun of you, when in actuality, they are laughing or talking about something else?
If you do have this phobia, it would be helpful for you to talk to a therapist and perhaps get on some meds to curb the anxiety?
But, if you think that you are just lonely, and needing a friend, then that is an easy fix! Try going on POF or checking out social organizations where you can make friends? Look on the bright side too, you've got a good job, and you're close to your family... What do they say for you to do?
We're all lonely from time to time- keep your chin up kid! There's a ton of people on here that you can vent to-
I hope you can find some friends & some happiness:)
Good luck!

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 18:36

i feel exactly the same way

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 19:01

Hi J,

I'm sorry that you're feeling so lonely. I understand how if feels; it's feels as if despite everything else in life being in place, the core part of life that makes it worth living is missing without friends. But from the way you've described things, it sounds as if you can still turn things around by letting others in/back into your life. It sounds as if you may have moved for work and are living in a new place without student life to provide opportunities for making friends? In that case maybe you could move to a new houseshare, where people are more sociable? Also, maybe you could reconnect with old friends via Facebook? I'm sure that if you're genuinely interested and care about them, they would be open to rebuilding/deepening your friendship.

It does seem as if once we hit our mid-twenties, it's much harder to make friends than when we were younger; it seems that there are now much clearer lines between work friends/housemates and real (old) friends... But I think it's also easier to be able to build a lasting relationship, as we are older and less likely to fall into friendships based on convenience which become incredibly intense before really knowing the other person (the story of my childhood and teenage friendships!).

I wish you the very best of luck. If you want someone to chat to, then maybe you could post an email address? Just a suggestion!

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